[0/1] rebase -i: introduce the 'break' command
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  • rebase -i: introduce the 'break' command
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Matthew Rogers via GitGitGadget Oct. 3, 2018, 3 p.m. UTC
Stefan asked a while back
for a todo command in interactive rebases that would essentially perform the
"stop" part of the edit command, but without the "pick" part: interrupt the
interactive rebase, with exit code 0, letting the user do things and stuff
and look around, with the idea of continuing the rebase later (using git
rebase --continue).

This patch introduces that, based on ag/rebase-i-in-c.

Johannes Schindelin (1):
  rebase -i: introduce the 'break' command

 rebase-interactive.c       | 1 +
 sequencer.c                | 7 ++++++-
 t/lib-rebase.sh            | 2 +-
 t/t3418-rebase-continue.sh | 9 +++++++++
 4 files changed, 17 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)

base-commit: b3fe2e1f8cbf5522e7ba49db76bff38f204e2093
Published-As: https://github.com/gitgitgadget/git/releases/tags/pr-43%2Fdscho%2Frebase-i-break-v1
Fetch-It-Via: git fetch https://github.com/gitgitgadget/git pr-43/dscho/rebase-i-break-v1
Pull-Request: https://github.com/gitgitgadget/git/pull/43