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  • kms_flip: cleanups
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Rodrigo Siqueira March 4, 2019, 3:29 p.m. UTC
The last few weeks, I have been dive into the page flip and vblank with
the goal to learn how the user space interact with DRM; because of this,
I am studying the kms_flip code. As a result, I noticed a bunch of
cleanups that could be useful for improving the overall quality of
kms_flip. This patchset can be seen in two parts:

 1. Eliminates unreachable tests
 2. Basic cleanups with the goal to improve the code readability

In particular, the patch number three enables kms_flip to work without
any issue in any non-intel drivers.

Rodrigo Siqueira (7):
  kms_flip: Removes unreachable code related to TEST_RPM
  kms_flip: Removes unreachable code related to TEST_TS_CONT
  kms_flip: Fix warning related to i915 gem dependence
  kms_flip: Remove unreachable condition in wait_for_events
  kms_flip: remove magic constant in run_test_on_crtc_set()
  kms_flip: Rework set_mode()
  kms_flip: Standardize return value for fb_is_bound

 tests/kms_flip.c | 88 +++++++++++++++++-------------------------------
 1 file changed, 31 insertions(+), 57 deletions(-)