[0/6] Add anx6345 DP/eDP bridge for Olimex Teres-I
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  • Add anx6345 DP/eDP bridge for Olimex Teres-I
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Torsten Duwe May 23, 2019, 6:50 a.m. UTC
Hi all,

left over from my previous Teres-I device tree series, here comes
the revised anx6345 node for the Teres-I, along with the driver.
The innolux panel attached to it is already known; pinebooks can be
enabled on top of this series, once their panels are introduced.

Changes from the respective previous versions:

* the reset polarity is corrected in DT and the driver;
  things should be clearer now.

* as requested, add a panel (the known innolux,n116bge) and connect
  the ports.

* renamed dvdd?? to *-supply to match the established scheme

* trivial update to the #include list, to make it compile in 5.2