[v12,00/13] Add VM kernel tracing over vsockets and FIFOs
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  • Add VM kernel tracing over vsockets and FIFOs
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Slavomir Kaslev June 18, 2019, 2:44 p.m. UTC
This patchset adds support for tracing guest kernels to trace-cmd.

Changes in v12:
 - fix patches' Signed-off-by tags

Changes in v11:
 - fix flushing tracing data bug when doing VM recording

Changes in v10:
 - add support for specifying VMware Workstation guests by name on the command line
 - add docstring for tracecmd_create_recorder_virt()
 - add a comment on why we need to poll() in direct_splice_data()

Changes in v9:
 - none

Changes in v8:
 - switched protocol message encoding of ports to text
 - switched ports data type to unsigned since vsockets port numbers can overflow int and be confused with errors codes by other code
 - added automatic naming for guests with no names (for VMware Workstation guests currently)
 - added --debug option to trace-cmd agent

Changes in v7:
 - fixed potential memory leak in add_arg()
 - call msg_free() in tracecmd_msg_recv_trace_req() eventhough we're stealing
   the message buffer
 - added is_guest and is_agent macros and use throughout tracecmd_record.c
   instead of testing instance->flags bits
 - avoid memory allocation in make_dir()

Changes in v6:
 - added specialized data transfer path over FIFOs making single splice() per
 - made tracecmd_msg_recv_trace_req/tracecmd_msg_recv_trace_resp more defensive
   to invalid messages

Changes in v5:
 - add FIFOs transport for tracing data
 - fixed a bug in tracecmd_msg_wait_close

Changes in v4:
 - detect and use splice(2) on vsock sockets if possible
 - switch port numbers to unsigned int
 - trace-cmd record --date flag is now set for all guests if provided by the user
 - removed grow_cap and exponential buffer size growth

Changes in v3:
 - addressed Steven's feedback
 - detect and disable guest tracing if <linux/vm_sockets.h> is not available
 - the --date flag is now treated as global for all guest instances
 - fixed a bug that caused --date to be ignored for host tracing data when tracing guests

Changes in v2:
 - rebased on top of protocol V3
 - fixed system clock timestamps with the --date flag

Slavomir Kaslev (11):
  trace-cmd: Make ports unsigned int
  trace-cmd: Add tracecmd_create_recorder_virt() function
  trace-cmd: Add VM tracing protocol messages
  trace-cmd: Add buffer instance flags for tracing in guest and agent
  trace-cmd: Add VM kernel tracing over vsockets transport
  trace-cmd: Use splice(2) for vsockets if available
  trace-cmd: Add `trace-cmd setup-guest` command
  trace-cmd: Try to autodetect number of guest CPUs in setup-guest if
    not specified
  trace-cmd: Add setup-guest flag for attaching FIFOs to the guest VM
  trace-cmd: Add splice() recording from FIFO without additional pipe
  trace-cmd: Add support for tracing VMware Workstation VMs by name

Slavomir Kaslev (VMware) (1):
  trace-cmd: Switch stop recording signal to SIGUSR1

Steven Rostedt (VMware) (1):
  trace-cmd: Detect if vsockets are available

 Makefile                       |   7 +
 include/trace-cmd/trace-cmd.h  |  20 +-
 lib/trace-cmd/trace-recorder.c | 154 ++++--
 tracecmd/Makefile              |   5 +
 tracecmd/include/trace-local.h |  29 ++
 tracecmd/trace-agent.c         | 294 +++++++++++
 tracecmd/trace-cmd.c           |   4 +
 tracecmd/trace-listen.c        |  10 +-
 tracecmd/trace-msg.c           | 274 ++++++++++-
 tracecmd/trace-record.c        | 865 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++--
 tracecmd/trace-setup-guest.c   | 247 ++++++++++
 tracecmd/trace-usage.c         |  22 +-
 12 files changed, 1824 insertions(+), 107 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644 tracecmd/trace-agent.c
 create mode 100644 tracecmd/trace-setup-guest.c