[v10,00/13] x86emul: remaining AVX512 support
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  • x86emul: remaining AVX512 support
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Jan Beulich July 17, 2019, 6:27 a.m. UTC
01: support of AVX512* population count insns
02: support of AVX512_IFMA insns
03: support remaining AVX512_VBMI2 insns
04: support AVX512_4FMAPS insns
05: support AVX512_4VNNIW insns
06: support AVX512_VNNI insns
07: support VPCLMULQDQ insns
08: support VAES insns
09: support GFNI insns
10: restore ordering within main switch statement
11: add an AES/VAES test case to the harness
12: add a SHA test case to the harness
13: add a PCLMUL/VPCLMUL test case to the harness