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Josh Steadmon July 18, 2019, 10:57 p.m. UTC
I would like to revive discussion on this series; I have addressed most
of the review comments on the original series sent by Michael, with the
following exceptions:

* Martin's objection on 1/4 that the sample hook would always exit
  successfully is (I believe) incorrect. To test this, I ran
  "/bin/true && exec test 0 == 1" in a /bin/sh subshell, and it
  correctly had a non-zero exit status.

* I'm not sure that I understand Stefan's objections on 4/4 regarding
  the hook's exit status. I am also not familiar with "the same
  (unsolved) issues [as] commit-msg".

I have noted my changes in each commit message in "[js: ...]" sections.

Michael's original series description is below:

Now that f8b863598c ("builtin/merge: honor commit-msg hook for merges",
2017-09-07) has landed, merge is getting closer to behaving like commit,
which is important because both are used to complete merges (automatic
vs. non-automatic).

This series revives an old suggestion of mine to make merge honor
pre-commit hook or a separate pre-merge hook. Since pre-commit does not
receive any arguments (which the hook could use tell between commit and
merge) and in order to keep existing behaviour (as opposed to the other
patch) this series introduces a pre-merge hook, with a sample hook that
simply calls the pre-commit hook.

commit and merge have very similar code paths. f8b863598c implemented
"--no-verify" for merge differently from the existing implementation in
commit. 2/4 changes that and could be first in this series, with the
remaining 3 squashed into 2 commits or 1. I've been rebasing and using
this series for years now, 2/4 is the new-comer which fixed the breakage
from f8b863598c that I encountered because of the no-verify

Michael J Gruber (4):
  git-merge: Honor pre-merge hook
  merge: do no-verify like commit
  merge: --no-verify to bypass pre-merge hook
  t7503: add tests for pre-merge-hook

 Documentation/git-merge.txt                   |  2 +-
 Documentation/githooks.txt                    |  7 ++
 Documentation/merge-options.txt               |  4 ++
 builtin/merge.c                               | 18 ++++-
 ...> t7503-pre-commit-and-pre-merge-hooks.sh} | 66 ++++++++++++++++++-
 templates/hooks--pre-merge.sample             | 13 ++++
 6 files changed, 105 insertions(+), 5 deletions(-)
 rename t/{t7503-pre-commit-hook.sh => t7503-pre-commit-and-pre-merge-hooks.sh} (67%)
 create mode 100755 templates/hooks--pre-merge.sample