[PULL,0/5] Renesas SoC updates for v5.4 (take two)
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  • Renesas SoC updates for v5.4 (take two)
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Geert Uytterhoeven Aug. 23, 2019, 12:36 p.m. UTC
Hi arm-soc folks,

This is my second pull request for the inclusion of Renesas SoC updates
for v5.4.

It consists of 5 parts:

  [PULL 1/5] Renesas ARM DT updates for v5.4

    - Fix HSCIF PM Domain on R-Car H1,
    - PMU support for RZ/G1C.

  [PULL 2/5] Renesas ARM SoC updates for v5.4

    - Low-level debugging support for RZ/A2M.

  [PULL 3/5] Renesas ARM64 DT updates for v5.4 (take two)

    - Sort nodes in various SoC and board DTSes,
    - HDMI sound for HiHope RZ/G2M and R-Car M3-N Salvator-X(S) boards,
    - Limit EtherAVB to 100Mbps on the Ebisu and Draak boards,
    - Small fixes and improvements.

  [PULL 4/5] Renesas driver updates for v5.4 (take two)

    - Improve "always-on" PM Domain handling on SH/R-Mobile SoCs,
    - Automatic errata selection for Cortex-A7/A9,
    - Small fixes and improvements.

  [PULL 5/5] Renesas DT binding updates for v5.4 (take two)

    - Renesas DT binding doc filename cleanups,
    - R-Car Gen3 and RZ/G1 updates for the R-Car CAN and CANFD DT

For now I more or less followed Simon's way of structuring the branches,
but I'm open for change.  Hence if you have any comments, or suggestions
for improving the workflow, please let me know.

Thanks for pulling, and for your comments!



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