[v8,00/39] xfsprogs: Delay Ready Attributes
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  • xfsprogs: Delay Ready Attributes
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Allison Collins April 3, 2020, 10:09 p.m. UTC
Hi all,

This set applies the corresponding changes for delayed ready attributes to
xfsprogs. I will pick up the reviews from the kernel side series and mirror
them here.  This set also includes some patches from the kernel side that have
not yet been ported.  They are not part of the delayed ready attr set, but
they are required in order for the kernel side ports to seat correctly.

This series can also be viewed on github here:

And also the extended delayed attribute and parent pointer series:

Thanks all!

Allison Collins (39):
  xfsprogs: remove the ATTR_INCOMPLETE flag
  xfsprogs: merge xfs_attr_remove into xfs_attr_set
  xfsprogs: remove the name == NULL check from xfs_attr_args_init
  xfsprogs: remove the MAXNAMELEN check from xfs_attr_args_init
  xfsprogs: turn xfs_da_args.value into a void pointer
  xfsprogs: pass an initialized xfs_da_args structure to xfs_attr_set
  xfsprogs: pass an initialized xfs_da_args to xfs_attr_get
  xfsprogs: remove the xfs_inode argument to xfs_attr_get_ilocked
  xfsprogs: remove ATTR_KERNOVAL
  xfsprogs: remove ATTR_ALLOC and XFS_DA_OP_ALLOCVAL
  xfsprogs: replace ATTR_KERNOTIME with XFS_DA_OP_NOTIME
  xfsprogs: factor out a xfs_attr_match helper
  xfsprogs: cleanup struct xfs_attr_list_context
  xfsprogs: remove the unused ATTR_ENTRY macro
  xfsprogs: move the legacy xfs_attr_list to xfs_ioctl.c
  xfsprogs: rename xfs_attr_list_int to xfs_attr_list
  xfsprogs: clean up the ATTR_REPLACE checks
  xfsprogs: clean up the attr flag confusion
  xfsprogs: embedded the attrlist cursor into struct
  xfsprogs: Add xfs_has_attr and subroutines
  xfsprogs: Check for -ENOATTR or -EEXIST
  xfsprogs: Factor out new helper functions xfs_attr_rmtval_set
  xfsprogs: Pull up trans handling in xfs_attr3_leaf_flipflags
  xfsprogs: Split apart xfs_attr_leaf_addname
  xfsprogs: Refactor xfs_attr_try_sf_addname
  xfsprogs: Pull up trans roll from xfs_attr3_leaf_setflag
  xfsprogs: Factor out xfs_attr_rmtval_invalidate
  xfsprogs: Pull up trans roll in xfs_attr3_leaf_clearflag
  xfsprogs: Add helper function __xfs_attr_rmtval_remove
  xfsprogs: Add helper function xfs_attr_node_shrink
  xfsprogs: Removed unneeded xfs_trans_roll_inode calls
  xfsprogs: Add helpers xfs_attr_is_shortform and xfs_attr_set_shortform
  xfsprogs: Add helper function xfs_attr_leaf_mark_incomplete
  xfsprogs: Add remote block helper functions
  xfsprogs: Add helper function xfs_attr_node_removename_setup
  xfsprogs: Add helper function xfs_attr_node_removename_rmt
  xfsprogs: Add delay ready attr remove routines
  xfsprogs: Add delay ready attr set routines
  xfsprogs: Rename __xfs_attr_rmtval_remove

 db/attrset.c             |   61 +-
 include/libxfs.h         |    1 +
 libxfs/libxfs_api_defs.h |    9 +-
 libxfs/xfs_attr.c        | 1389 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++-----------------
 libxfs/xfs_attr.h        |  169 +++---
 libxfs/xfs_attr_leaf.c   |  211 +++----
 libxfs/xfs_attr_leaf.h   |    4 +-
 libxfs/xfs_attr_remote.c |  259 ++++++---
 libxfs/xfs_attr_remote.h |    7 +-
 libxfs/xfs_da_btree.h    |    9 +-
 libxfs/xfs_da_format.h   |   12 -
 libxfs/xfs_fs.h          |   32 +-
 12 files changed, 1321 insertions(+), 842 deletions(-)