[00/23,v3] Change data reservations to use the ticketing infra
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  • Change data reservations to use the ticketing infra
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Josef Bacik July 8, 2020, 1:59 p.m. UTC
- Rebased onto a recent misc-next

- Adjusted a comment in may_commit_transaction.
- Fixed one of the intermediate patches to properly update ->reclaim_size.

We've had two different things in place to reserve data and metadata space,
because generally speaking data is much simpler.  However the data reservations
still suffered from the same issues that plagued metadata reservations, you
could get multiple tasks racing in to get reservations.  This causes problems
with cases like write/delete loops where we should be able to fill up the fs,
delete everything, and go again.  You would sometimes race with a flusher that's
trying to unpin the free space, take it's reservations, and then it would fail.

Fix this by moving the data reservations under the metadata ticketing
infrastructure.  This gets rid of that problem, and simplifies our enospc code
more by consolidating it into a single path.  Thanks,