[2/6] multipath: add man page info for my prkey changes
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Benjamin Marzinski Nov. 8, 2017, 12:15 a.m. UTC
Update the man pages to list the new configuration options and
multipathd commands.

Signed-off-by: Benjamin Marzinski <bmarzins@redhat.com>
 multipath/multipath.conf.5 | 17 +++++++++++++++++
 multipathd/multipathd.8    | 16 ++++++++++++++++
 2 files changed, 33 insertions(+)

diff mbox

diff --git a/multipath/multipath.conf.5 b/multipath/multipath.conf.5
index 5b6dde7..92ad8b1 100644
--- a/multipath/multipath.conf.5
+++ b/multipath/multipath.conf.5
@@ -682,6 +682,17 @@  The default is: \fB/etc/multipath/wwids\fR
+.B prkeys_file
+The full pathname of the prkeys file, which is used by multipathd to keep
+track of the persistent reservation key used for a specific WWID, when
+\fIreservation_key\fR is set to \fBfile\fR.
+The default is \fB/etc/multipath/prkeys\fR
 .B log_checker_err
 If set to
 .I once
@@ -703,6 +714,12 @@  the same as the RESERVATION KEY field of the PERSISTENT RESERVE OUT parameter
 list which contains an 8-byte value provided by the application client to the
 device server to identify the I_T nexus.
+Alternatively, this can be set to \fBfile\fR, which will store the RESERVATION
+KEY registered by mpathpersist in the \fIprkeys_file\fR. multipathd will then
+use this key to register additional paths as they appear.  When the
+registration is removed, the RESERVATION KEY is removed from the
 The default is: \fB<unset>\fR
diff --git a/multipathd/multipathd.8 b/multipathd/multipathd.8
index 2615728..5c96680 100644
--- a/multipathd/multipathd.8
+++ b/multipathd/multipathd.8
@@ -247,6 +247,22 @@  Disable persistent reservation management on $map.
 Get the current persistent reservation management status of $map.
+.B map|multipath $map getprkey
+Get the current persistent reservation key associated with $map.
+.B map|multipath $map setprkey key $key
+Set the persistent reservation key associated with $map to $key in the
+\fIprkeys_file\fR. This key will only be used by multipathd if
+\fIreservation_key\fR is set to \fBfile\fR in \fI/etc/multipath.conf\fR.
+.B map|multipath $map unsetprkey
+Remove the persistent reservation key associated with $map from the
+\fIprkeys_file\fR. This will only unset the key used by multipathd if
+\fIreservation_key\fR is set to \fBfile\fR in \fI/etc/multipath.conf\fR.
 .B quit|exit
 End interactive session.