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  • xfs-4.20: major documentation surgery
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 Auxiliary Data Structures
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+.. SPDX-License-Identifier: CC-BY-SA-4.0
+Metadata Dumps
+The xfs\_metadump and xfs\_mdrestore tools are used to create a sparse
+snapshot of a live file system and to restore that snapshot onto a block
+device for debugging purposes. Only the metadata are captured in the snapshot,
+and the metadata blocks may be obscured for privacy reasons.
+A metadump file starts with a xfs\_metablock that records the addresses of the
+blocks that follow. Following that are the metadata blocks captured from the
+filesystem. The first block following the first superblock must be the
+superblock from AG 0. If the metadump has more blocks than can be pointed to
+by the xfs\_metablock.mb\_daddr area, the sequence of xfs\_metablock followed
+by metadata blocks is repeated.
+**Metadata Dump Format.**
+.. code:: c
+    struct xfs_metablock {
+        __be32      mb_magic;
+        __be16      mb_count;
+        uint8_t     mb_blocklog;
+        uint8_t     mb_reserved;
+        __be64      mb_daddr[];
+    };
+    The magic number, "XFSM" (0x5846534d).
+    Number of blocks indexed by this record. This value must not exceed (1 <<
+    mb\_blocklog) - sizeof(struct xfs\_metablock).
+    The log size of a metadump block. This size of a metadump block 512 bytes,
+    so this value should be 9.
+    Reserved. Should be zero.
+    An array of disk addresses. Each of the mb\_count blocks (of size (1 <<
+    mb\_blocklog) following the xfs\_metablock should be written back to the
+    address pointed to by the corresponding mb\_daddr entry.
+Dump Obfuscation
+Unless explicitly disabled, the xfs\_metadump tool obfuscates empty block
+space and naming information to avoid leaking sensitive information into the
+metadump file. xfs\_metadump does not copy user data blocks.
+The obfuscation policy is as follows:
+-  File and extended attribute names are both considered "names".
+-  Names longer than 8 characters are totally rewritten with a name that
+   matches the hash of the old name.
+-  Names between 5 and 8 characters are partially rewritten to match the hash
+   of the old name.
+-  Names shorter than 5 characters are not obscured at all.
+-  Names that cross a block boundary are not obscured at all.
+-  Extended attribute values are zeroed.
+-  Empty parts of metadata blocks are zeroed.