[RFC,50/62] afs: switch to use of ->free_inode()
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Message ID 20190416175340.21068-50-viro@ZenIV.linux.org.uk
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  • [RFC,01/62] securityfs: fix use-after-free on symlink traversal
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Al Viro April 16, 2019, 5:53 p.m. UTC
From: Al Viro <viro@zeniv.linux.org.uk>

debugging printks left in ->destroy_inode() and so's the
update of inode count; we could take the latter to RCU-delayed
part (would take only moving the check on module exit past
rcu_barrier() there), but debugging output ought to either
stay where it is or go into ->evict_inode()

Signed-off-by: Al Viro <viro@zeniv.linux.org.uk>
 fs/afs/super.c | 9 ++++-----
 1 file changed, 4 insertions(+), 5 deletions(-)

diff mbox series

diff --git a/fs/afs/super.c b/fs/afs/super.c
index 5adf012b8e27..bab89763119b 100644
--- a/fs/afs/super.c
+++ b/fs/afs/super.c
@@ -33,6 +33,7 @@  static void afs_i_init_once(void *foo);
 static void afs_kill_super(struct super_block *sb);
 static struct inode *afs_alloc_inode(struct super_block *sb);
 static void afs_destroy_inode(struct inode *inode);
+static void afs_free_inode(struct inode *inode);
 static int afs_statfs(struct dentry *dentry, struct kstatfs *buf);
 static int afs_show_devname(struct seq_file *m, struct dentry *root);
 static int afs_show_options(struct seq_file *m, struct dentry *root);
@@ -56,6 +57,7 @@  static const struct super_operations afs_super_ops = {
 	.alloc_inode	= afs_alloc_inode,
 	.drop_inode	= afs_drop_inode,
 	.destroy_inode	= afs_destroy_inode,
+	.free_inode	= afs_free_inode,
 	.evict_inode	= afs_evict_inode,
 	.show_devname	= afs_show_devname,
 	.show_options	= afs_show_options,
@@ -660,11 +662,9 @@  static struct inode *afs_alloc_inode(struct super_block *sb)
 	return &vnode->vfs_inode;
-static void afs_i_callback(struct rcu_head *head)
+static void afs_free_inode(struct inode *inode)
-	struct inode *inode = container_of(head, struct inode, i_rcu);
-	struct afs_vnode *vnode = AFS_FS_I(inode);
-	kmem_cache_free(afs_inode_cachep, vnode);
+	kmem_cache_free(afs_inode_cachep, AFS_FS_I(inode));
@@ -680,7 +680,6 @@  static void afs_destroy_inode(struct inode *inode)
 	ASSERTCMP(vnode->cb_interest, ==, NULL);
-	call_rcu(&inode->i_rcu, afs_i_callback);