power: supply: olpc_battery: force the le/be casts
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  • power: supply: olpc_battery: force the le/be casts
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Lubomir Rintel May 11, 2019, 8:56 a.m. UTC
The endianness of data returned from the EC depends on the particular EC
version determined at run time. Cast from little/big endian explicitey
in the routine that flips endianness to the native one to make sparse

Signed-off-by: Lubomir Rintel <lkundrak@v3.sk>
Reported-by: kbuild test robot <lkp@intel.com>
Fixes: 76311b9a3295 ("power: supply: olpc_battery: Add OLPC XO 1.75 support")
 drivers/power/supply/olpc_battery.c | 6 +++---
 1 file changed, 3 insertions(+), 3 deletions(-)

diff mbox series

diff --git a/drivers/power/supply/olpc_battery.c b/drivers/power/supply/olpc_battery.c
index 4ccd242fcf72..066ec9a11153 100644
--- a/drivers/power/supply/olpc_battery.c
+++ b/drivers/power/supply/olpc_battery.c
@@ -326,9 +326,9 @@  static int olpc_bat_get_voltage_max_design(union power_supply_propval *val)
 static u16 ecword_to_cpu(struct olpc_battery_data *data, u16 ec_word)
 	if (data->little_endian)
-		return le16_to_cpu(ec_word);
+		return le16_to_cpu((__force __le16)ec_word);
-		return be16_to_cpu(ec_word);
+		return be16_to_cpu((__force __be16)ec_word);
@@ -340,7 +340,7 @@  static int olpc_bat_get_property(struct power_supply *psy,
 	struct olpc_battery_data *data = power_supply_get_drvdata(psy);
 	int ret = 0;
-	__be16 ec_word;
+	u16 ec_word;
 	uint8_t ec_byte;
 	__be64 ser_buf;