[v1,3/4] SQUASH??? compat/obstack: fix build errors with Clang
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  • compat/obstack: update from upstream
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SZEDER Gábor June 14, 2019, 10 a.m. UTC
Compiling 'compat/obstack.c' with Clang on Linux and macOS fails with
different errors:

On Linux:

      CC compat/obstack.o
  compat/obstack.c:330:31: error: incompatible pointer types initializing
        'void (*)(void) __attribute__((noreturn))' with an expression of type
        'void (void)' [-Werror,-Wincompatible-pointer-types]
  __attribute_noreturn__ void (*obstack_alloc_failed_handler) (void)

Remove '__attribute_noreturn__' from the function's declaration and
definition to resolve this build error.

On macOS:

  compat/obstack.h:223:3: error: expected function body after function declarator
  compat/obstack.h:151:29: note: expanded from macro '__attribute_pure__'
  # define __attribute_pure__ _GL_ATTRIBUTE_PURE

Remove '__attribute_pure__' to resolve this build error.

With this patch it's now possible to compile 'compat/obstack.c' both
with GCC and Clang on both on Linux and macOS.

Signed-off-by: SZEDER Gábor <szeder.dev@gmail.com>
 compat/obstack.c | 4 ++--
 compat/obstack.h | 5 ++---
 2 files changed, 4 insertions(+), 5 deletions(-)

diff mbox series

diff --git a/compat/obstack.c b/compat/obstack.c
index 17fa95d46c..6ef8cecb8a 100644
--- a/compat/obstack.c
+++ b/compat/obstack.c
@@ -231,7 +231,7 @@  _obstack_newchunk (struct obstack *h, _OBSTACK_SIZE_T length)
 /* Suppress -Wmissing-prototypes warning.  We don't want to declare this in
    obstack.h because it is just for debugging.  */
-int _obstack_allocated_p (struct obstack *h, void *obj) __attribute_pure__;
+int _obstack_allocated_p (struct obstack *h, void *obj);
 _obstack_allocated_p (struct obstack *h, void *obj)
@@ -327,7 +327,7 @@  print_and_abort (void)
    abort gracefully or use longjump - but shouldn't return.  This
    variable by default points to the internal function
    'print_and_abort'.  */
-__attribute_noreturn__ void (*obstack_alloc_failed_handler) (void)
+void (*obstack_alloc_failed_handler) (void)
   = print_and_abort;
 #endif /* !_OBSTACK_ELIDE_CODE */
diff --git a/compat/obstack.h b/compat/obstack.h
index 811de588a4..f8f9625121 100644
--- a/compat/obstack.h
+++ b/compat/obstack.h
@@ -219,15 +219,14 @@  extern int _obstack_begin_1 (struct obstack *,
                              _OBSTACK_SIZE_T, _OBSTACK_SIZE_T,
                              void *(*) (void *, size_t),
                              void (*) (void *, void *), void *);
-extern _OBSTACK_SIZE_T _obstack_memory_used (struct obstack *)
-  __attribute_pure__;
+extern _OBSTACK_SIZE_T _obstack_memory_used (struct obstack *);
 /* Error handler called when 'obstack_chunk_alloc' failed to allocate
    more memory.  This can be set to a user defined function which
    should either abort gracefully or use longjump - but shouldn't
    return.  The default action is to print a message and abort.  */
-extern __attribute_noreturn__ void (*obstack_alloc_failed_handler) (void);
+extern void (*obstack_alloc_failed_handler) (void);
 /* Exit value used when 'print_and_abort' is used.  */
 extern int obstack_exit_failure;