[GIT,PULL] Mailbox changes for v5.4
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  • [GIT,PULL] Mailbox changes for v5.4
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Jassi Brar Sept. 18, 2019, 4 p.m. UTC
Hi Linus,
The following changes since commit f74c2bb98776e2de508f4d607cd519873065118e:

  Linux 5.3-rc8 (2019-09-08 13:33:15 -0700)

are available in the Git repository at:


for you to fetch changes up to 556a0964e28c4441dcdd50fb07596fd042246bd5:

  mailbox: qcom-apcs: fix max_register value (2019-09-17 00:54:29 -0500)

- qcom : enable support for ipq8074, sm1850 and sm7180.
         add child device node for qcs404.
         misc fixes.

- mediatek : enable support for mt8183.
          misc rejig of cmdq driver.
          new client-reg dt property.

- armada: use device-managed registration api

Bibby Hsieh (6):
      dt-binding: gce: remove thread-num property
      dt-binding: gce: add gce header file for mt8183
      dt-binding: gce: add binding for gce client reg property
      mailbox: mediatek: cmdq: move the CMDQ_IRQ_MASK into cmdq driver data
      mailbox: mediatek: cmdq: support mt8183 gce function
      mailbox: mediatek: cmdq: clear the event in cmdq initial flow

Chuhong Yuan (1):
      mailbox: armada-37xx-rwtm: Use device-managed registration API

Gokul Sriram Palanisamy (2):
      dt-bindings: mailbox: qom: Add ipq8074 APPS compatible
      mailbox: qcom: Add support for IPQ8074 APCS

Jorge Ramirez-Ortiz (3):
      mbox: qcom: add APCS child device for QCS404
      mbox: qcom: replace integer with valid macro
      mailbox: qcom-apcs: fix max_register value

Sibi Sankar (2):
      dt-bindings: mailbox: Add APSS shared for SM8150 and SC7180 SoCs
      mailbox: qcom: Add support for Qualcomm SM8150 and SC7180 SoCs

 .../devicetree/bindings/mailbox/mtk-gce.txt        |  23 ++-
 .../bindings/mailbox/qcom,apcs-kpss-global.txt     |   3 +
 drivers/mailbox/armada-37xx-rwtm-mailbox.c         |  14 +-
 drivers/mailbox/mtk-cmdq-mailbox.c                 |  18 ++-
 drivers/mailbox/qcom-apcs-ipc-mailbox.c            |  16 +-
 include/dt-bindings/gce/mt8183-gce.h               | 175 +++++++++++++++++++++
 include/linux/mailbox/mtk-cmdq-mailbox.h           |   3 +
 include/linux/soc/mediatek/mtk-cmdq.h              |   3 -
 8 files changed, 222 insertions(+), 33 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644 include/dt-bindings/gce/mt8183-gce.h


pr-tracker-bot@kernel.org Sept. 19, 2019, 9:30 p.m. UTC | #1
The pull request you sent on Wed, 18 Sep 2019 11:00:28 -0500:

> git://git.linaro.org/landing-teams/working/fujitsu/integration.git tags/mailbox-v5.4

has been merged into torvalds/linux.git:

Thank you!