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Andrew Cooper Oct. 3, 2019, 8:56 p.m. UTC
This identifies various of areas technical debt, which either need to be, or
are being worked on, along with enough clarifying details for people to

Signed-off-by: Andrew Cooper <andrew.cooper3@citrix.com>
CC: Lars Kurth <lars.kurth@citrix.com>
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+   misc/tech-debt
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+.. SPDX-License-Identifier: CC-BY-4.0
+Technical Debt
+Xen uses the term MFN for Machine Frame Number, which is synonymous with
+Linux's PFN, and maps linearly to system/host/machine physical addresses.
+For every page of RAM, a ``struct page_info`` is needed for tracking purposes.
+In the simple case, the frametable is an array of ``struct page_info[]``
+indexed by MFN.
+However, this is inefficient when a system has banks of RAM at spread out in
+address space, as a large amount of space is wasted on frametable entries for
+non-existent frames.  This wastes both virtual address space and RAM.
+As a consequence, Xen has a compression scheme known as PDX which removes
+unused bits out of the middle of MFNs, to make a more tightly packed Page
+inDeX, which in turn reduces the size of the frametable for system.
+At the moment, PDX compression is unconditionally used.
+However, PDX compression does come with a cost in terms of the complexity to
+convert between PFNs and pages, which is a common operation in Xen.
+Typically, ARM32 systems do have RAM banks in discrete locations, and want to
+use PDX compression, while typically ARM64 and x86 systems have RAM packed
+from 0 with no holes.
+The goal of this work is to have ``CONFIG_PDX`` selected by ARM32 only.  This
+requires slightly untangling the memory management code in ARM and x86 to give
+it a clean compile boundary where PDX conversions are used.
+Waitqueue infrastructure
+Livepatching safety in Xen depends on all CPUs rendezvousing on the return to
+guest path, with no stack frame.  The vCPU waitqueue infrastructure undermines
+this safety by copying a stack frame sideways, and ``longjmp()``\-ing away.
+Waitqueues are only used by the introspection/mem_event/paging infrastructure,
+where the design of the rings causes some problems.  There is a single 4k page
+used for the ring, which serves both synchronous requests, and lossless async
+requests.  In practice, introspecting an 11-vcpu guest is sufficient to cause
+the waitqueue infrastructure to start to be used.
+A better design of ring would be to have a slot per vcpu for synchronous
+requests (simplifies producing and consuming of requests), and a multipage
+ring buffer (of negotiable size) with lossy semantics for async requests.
+A design such as this would guarantee that Xen never has to block waiting for
+userspace to create enough space on the ring for a vcpu to write state out.
+.. note::
+   There are other aspects of the existing ring infrastructure which are
+   driving a redesign, but these don't relate directly to the waitqueue
+   infrastructure and livepatching safety.
+   The most serious problem is that the ring infrastructure is GFN based,
+   which leaves the guest either able to mess with the ring, or a shattered
+   host superpage where the ring used to be, and the guest balloon driver able
+   to prevent the introspection agent from connecting/reconnecting the ring.
+As there are multiple compelling reasons to redesign the ring infrastructure,
+the plan is to introduce the new ring ABI, deprecate and remove the old ABI,
+and simply delete the waitqueue infrastructure at that point, rather than try
+to redesign livepatching from scratch in an attempt to cope with unwinding old
+stack frames.
+Remove xenstored's dependencies on unstable interfaces
+Various xenstored implementations use libxc for two purposes.  It would be a
+substantial advantage to move xenstored onto entirely stable interfaces, which
+disconnects it from the internal of the libxc.
+1. Foreign mapping of the store ring
+   This is obsolete since :xen-cs:`6a2de353a9` (2012) which allocated grant
+   entries instead, to allow xenstored to function as a stub-domain without dom0
+   permissions.  :xen-cs:`38eeb3864d` dropped foreign mapping for cxenstored.
+   However, there are no OCaml bindings for libxengnttab.
+   Work Items:
+   * Minimal ``tools/ocaml/libs/xg/`` binding for ``tools/libs/gnttab/``.
+   * Replicate :xen-cs:`38eeb3864d` for oxenstored as well.
+2. Figuring out which domain(s) have gone away
+   Currently, the handling of domains is asymmetric.
+   * When a domain is created, the toolstack explicitly sends an
+     ``XS_INTRODUCE(domid, store mfn, store evtchn)`` message to xenstored, to
+     cause xenstored to connect to the guest ring, and fire the
+     ``@introduceDomain`` watch.
+   * When a domain is destroyed, Xen fires ``VIRQ_DOM_EXC`` which is bound by
+     xenstored, rather than the toolstack.  xenstored updates its idea of the
+     status of domains, and fires the ``@releaseDomain`` watch.
+     Xenstored uses ``xc_domain_getinfo()``, to work out which domain(s) have gone
+     away, and only cares about the shutdown status.
+     Furthermore, ``@releaseDomain`` (like ``VIRQ_DOM_EXC``) is a single-bit
+     message, which requires all listeners to evaluate whether the message applies
+     to them or not.  This results in a flurry of ``xc_domain_getinfo()`` calls
+     from multiple entities in the system, which all serialise on the domctl lock
+     in Xen.
+     Work Items:
+     * Figure out how shutdown status can be expressed in a stable way from Xen.
+     * Figure out if ``VIRQ_DOM_EXC`` and ``@releaseDomain`` can be extended
+       or superseded to carry at least a domid, to make domain shutdown scale
+       better.
+     * Figure out if ``VIRQ_DOM_EXC`` would better be bound by the toolstack,
+       rather than xenstored.