[v5,25/39] t9500: ensure that algorithm info is preserved in config
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  • SHA-256, part 3/3
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brian m. carlson July 28, 2020, 11:34 p.m. UTC
When we use a hash algorithm other than SHA-1, it's important to
preserve the hash-related values in the config file, but this test
overwrites the config file with a new one. Ensure we copy these values
properly from the old config to the new one so that the repository can
be read if it's using SHA-256.

Note that if there is no extensions.objectFormat value set, git config
will return unsuccessfully if we try to read it; since this is not an
error for us, use test_might_fail.

Signed-off-by: brian m. carlson <sandals@crustytoothpaste.net>
 t/t9500-gitweb-standalone-no-errors.sh | 22 ++++++++++++++++------
 1 file changed, 16 insertions(+), 6 deletions(-)

diff mbox series

diff --git a/t/t9500-gitweb-standalone-no-errors.sh b/t/t9500-gitweb-standalone-no-errors.sh
index 267ddc997d..b484e3e250 100755
--- a/t/t9500-gitweb-standalone-no-errors.sh
+++ b/t/t9500-gitweb-standalone-no-errors.sh
@@ -621,12 +621,22 @@  test_expect_success \
 	 git config gitweb.snapshot "zip,tgz, tbz2" &&
 	 gitweb_run "p=.git;a=tree"'
-cat >.git/config <<\EOF
-# testing noval and alternate separator
-	blame
-	snapshot = zip tgz
+test_expect_success 'setup' '
+	version=$(git config core.repositoryformatversion) &&
+	algo=$(test_might_fail git config extensions.objectformat) &&
+	cat >.git/config <<-\EOF &&
+	# testing noval and alternate separator
+	[gitweb]
+		blame
+		snapshot = zip tgz
+	git config core.repositoryformatversion "$version" &&
+	if test -n "$algo"
+	then
+		git config extensions.objectformat "$algo"
+	fi
 test_expect_success \
 	'config override: tree view, features enabled in repo config (2)' \
 	'gitweb_run "p=.git;a=tree"'