[06/27] btrfs-progs: Convert man page for btrfs-scrub
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Qu Wenruo April 2, 2014, 8:29 a.m. UTC
Convert man page for btrfs-scrub.

Signed-off-by: Qu Wenruo <quwenruo@cn.fujitsu.com>
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 MAN8_TXT += btrfs-device.txt
-#MAN8_TXT += btrfs-scrub.txt
+MAN8_TXT += btrfs-scrub.txt
 #MAN8_TXT += btrfs-check.txt
 #MAN8_TXT += btrfs-rescue.txt
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+btrfs-scrub - scrub btrfs filesystem
+'btrfs scrub' <subcommand> <args>
+'btrfs scrub' is used to scrub a btrfs filesystem, which will reading all data
+from all disks and verifying checksums.
+'start' [-BdqrRf] [-c ioprio_class -n ioprio_classdata] <path>|<device>::
+Start a scrub on all devices of the filesystem identified by <path> or on
+a single <device>.
+Without options, scrub is started as a background process.
+Progress can be obtained with the 'scrub status' command. Scrubbing
+involves reading all data from all disks and verifying checksums. Errors are
+corrected along the way if possible.
+The default IO priority of scrub is the idle class. The priority can be
+configured similar to the `ionice`(1) syntax using '-c' and '-n' options.
+Do not background and print scrub statistics when finished.
+Print separate statistics for each device of the filesystem (-B only).
+Quiet. Omit error messages and statistics.
+Read only mode. Do not attempt to correct anything.
+Raw print mode. Print full data instead of summary.
+-c ioprio_class::::
+Set IO priority class (see
+ ionice (1)
+-n ioprio_classdata::::
+Set IO priority classdata (see `ionice`(1) manpage).
+force to check whether scrub has started or resumed in userspace.
+this is useful when scrub stat record file is damaged.
+'cancel' <path>|<device>::
+If a scrub is running on the filesystem identified by <path>, cancel it.
+Progress is saved in the scrub progress file and scrubbing can be resumed later
+using the scrub resume command.
+If a <device> is given, the corresponding filesystem is found and
+scrub cancel behaves as if it was called on that filesystem.
+'resume' [-BdqrR] [-c ioprio_class -n ioprio_classdata] <path>|<device>::
+Resume a canceled or interrupted scrub cycle on the filesystem identified by
+<path> or on a given <device>.
+Does not start a new scrub if the last scrub finished successfully.
+see 'scrub start'.
+'status' [-d] <path>|<device>::
+Show status of a running scrub for the filesystem identified by <path> or
+for the specified <device>.
+If no scrub is running, show statistics of the last finished or canceled scrub
+for that filesystem or device.
+Print separate statistics for each device of the filesystem.
+'btrfs scrub' returns a zero exist status if it succeeds. Non zero is
+returned in case of failure.
+'btrfs' is part of btrfs-progs. Btrfs filesystem is currently under heavy
+and not suitable for any uses other than benchmarking and review.
+Please refer to the btrfs wiki http://btrfs.wiki.kernel.org for
+further details.