xfs_db: properly set dquot_buf when operating on dquot
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Eric Sandeen Aug. 26, 2016, 7:03 p.m. UTC
The earlier commit:

66a40d02 db: verify and calculate dquot CRCs

added a "dquot_buf" to the iocur to specify when we were operating
on a dquot and thus handle dquot CRC updates - but nothing ever
actually set dquot_buf to a non-zero value.

Without doing so, we don't recalculate the dquot crc when
changing contents of a dquot:

# xfs_db -x -c "dquot -u 500" -c "p crc" -c "write diskdq.bcount 2" \
	    -c "p crc" crctestfile
crc = 0xfd293c68 (correct)
diskdq.bcount = 2
crc = 0xfd293c68 (correct)

[ the "(correct)" tag is another, different issue ]

# xfs_db -x -c "dquot -u 500" -c "p crc" crctestfile
Metadata CRC error detected at xfs_dquot block 0xd8/0x1000
crc = 0xfd293c68 (bad)

With this change, dquot CRCs are properly recalculated in write_cur.

Signed-off-by: Eric Sandeen <sandeen@redhat.com>

diff mbox

diff --git a/db/dquot.c b/db/dquot.c
index 47740f0..061eca5 100644
--- a/db/dquot.c
+++ b/db/dquot.c
@@ -164,6 +164,7 @@  dquot_f(
 	set_cur(&typtab[TYP_DQBLK], XFS_FSB_TO_DADDR(mp, bm.startblock), blkbb,
+	iocur_top->dquot_buf = 1;
 	off_cur(qoff * (int)sizeof(xfs_dqblk_t), sizeof(xfs_dqblk_t));
 	return 0;