sunrpc: silence uninitialized variable warning
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Dan Carpenter Feb. 18, 2017, 9:34 p.m. UTC
kstrtouint() can return a couple different error codes so the check for
"ret == -EINVAL" is wrong and static analysis tools correctly complain
that we can use "num" without initializing it.  It's not super harmful
because we check the bounds.  But it's also easy enough to fix.

Signed-off-by: Dan Carpenter <>

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diff mbox

diff --git a/net/sunrpc/xprtsock.c b/net/sunrpc/xprtsock.c
index 956c7bce80d1..311ce92384b7 100644
--- a/net/sunrpc/xprtsock.c
+++ b/net/sunrpc/xprtsock.c
@@ -3209,7 +3209,9 @@  static int param_set_uint_minmax(const char *val,
 	if (!val)
 		return -EINVAL;
 	ret = kstrtouint(val, 0, &num);
-	if (ret == -EINVAL || num < min || num > max)
+	if (ret)
+		return ret;
+	if (num < min || num > max)
 		return -EINVAL;
 	*((unsigned int *)kp->arg) = num;
 	return 0;