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[RFC,4.19.y-cip,12/50] PCI: cadence: Remove pci_epf_linkup() from Cadence EP driver

Message ID 20201012141933.9652-13-prabhakar.mahadev-lad.rj@bp.renesas.com
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Series Add PCIe EP support for Renesas R-Car Gen3 and RZ/G2x | expand

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Prabhakar Mahadev Lad Oct. 12, 2020, 2:18 p.m. UTC
From: Kishon Vijay Abraham I <kishon@ti.com>

commit c274c9f4ea758bd6667a363f275e45275f2b5672 upstream.

pci_epf_linkup() is intended to be invoked if the EPC supports linkup
notification. Now that pci-epf-test uses the get_features() callback,
which indicates Cadence EP driver doesn't support the linkup notification,
remove pci_epf_linkup() from Cadence EP driver.

Tested-by: Gustavo Pimentel <gustavo.pimentel@synopsys.com>
Signed-off-by: Kishon Vijay Abraham I <kishon@ti.com>
Signed-off-by: Lorenzo Pieralisi <lorenzo.pieralisi@arm.com>
Signed-off-by: Lad Prabhakar <prabhakar.mahadev-lad.rj@bp.renesas.com>
 drivers/pci/controller/pcie-cadence-ep.c | 12 ------------
 1 file changed, 12 deletions(-)
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diff --git a/drivers/pci/controller/pcie-cadence-ep.c b/drivers/pci/controller/pcie-cadence-ep.c
index 14c2545bb17e..def7820cb824 100644
--- a/drivers/pci/controller/pcie-cadence-ep.c
+++ b/drivers/pci/controller/pcie-cadence-ep.c
@@ -396,18 +396,6 @@  static int cdns_pcie_ep_start(struct pci_epc *epc)
 		cfg |= BIT(epf->func_no);
 	cdns_pcie_writel(pcie, CDNS_PCIE_LM_EP_FUNC_CFG, cfg);
-	/*
-	 * The PCIe links are automatically established by the controller
-	 * once for all at powerup: the software can neither start nor stop
-	 * those links later at runtime.
-	 *
-	 * Then we only have to notify the EP core that our links are already
-	 * established. However we don't call directly pci_epc_linkup() because
-	 * we've already locked the epc->lock.
-	 */
-	list_for_each_entry(epf, &epc->pci_epf, list)
-		pci_epf_linkup(epf);
 	return 0;