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[(Apple,Git),00/13] Differences between git-2.20.1 and Apple Git-116

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Jeremy Sequoia Jan. 29, 2019, 7:38 p.m. UTC
Xcode 10.2 Beta 1 contains Apple Git-116.  A couple months ago, Peff encouraged
me to re-send our changes in a patch series to the mailing list, so here they

As reference, these (and past patch series for Apple Git) are availale at:

Some of these patches are upstreamable as is, but othes represent areas where
customization options could be provided upstream to allow similar behavior.

Note that I am very grateful for the recent changes in mainline to support
RUNTIME_PREFIX on darwin.  It almost completely replaced our RUNTIME_PREFIX
implementation and made the few remaining changes much more maintainale.

Please integrate the changes that are upstreamable and let's use the others
as a starting point for discussing how to accomplish the same effect through
configuration options or other means.