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[GSoC,RESEND,0/4] t7401: modernize, cleanup and warn

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Shourya Shukla Aug. 5, 2020, 5:49 p.m. UTC

The current phase of my GSoC project involves porting
'git submodule summary' from shell to C. While doing so, I, along with
my mentors Christian and Kaartic noticed some discrepancies in the test
script when trying to add a couple of tests to it. Though the test works
perfectly for my C port of 'summary', there were some unexpected behaviours
when trying to some tests to it. This patch series addresses these
issues in the test script by modernizing it, cleaning it up and warning
about some other issues.

Chiefly about patch 4/4 (t7401: add a WARNING and a NEEDSWORK),
when trying to write a test for verifying the summary output of
deinitialized submodule, doing a 'git submodule deinit <path>' did not
bear any fruit since the submodule never really got deinitialized. 
The deinit documentation states that:

	Unregister the given submodules, i.e. remove the whole
	submodule.$name section from .git/config together with
	their work tree.

Something which was not actually happening in the test. It appeared
that the reason for the deinit issue is that the test script uses
'git add' to add submodules instead of the command 'git submodule add'.

This behaviour also prompted the need to design a new test script to
have a testing of some niche cases such as those stated before, but
this is something that will be covered in the patch series responsible
for porting the 'summary' subcommand to C.

Comments and reviews are appreciated.

Shourya Shukla

Shourya Shukla (4):
  t7401: modernize style
  t7401: change test_i18ncmp syntax for clarity
  t7401: ensure uniformity in the '--for-status' test
  t7401: add a WARNING and a NEEDSWORK

 t/t7401-submodule-summary.sh | 26 +++++++++++++++++---------
 1 file changed, 17 insertions(+), 9 deletions(-)