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[0/10] dropping more unused parameters

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Jeff King Sept. 30, 2020, 12:27 p.m. UTC
This is the last of my series of patches to drop (or use) unused
function parameters. I've been holding on to some of these for almost 2
years, because I wanted to make sure they weren't actually bugs
(dropping unused parameters can never _introduce_ a bug, but it's a good
opportunity to investigate whether the parameter _should_ have been
used). I'm still not entirely convinced that patch 10 isn't actually a
bug, but I wasn't able to puzzle it out either way, and it didn't seem
worth holding up the topic any longer.

After this lands, I have a follow-on series that annotates cases where
we can't drop parameters (e.g., functions which have to conform to a
callback interface, but don't care about some of the parameters). And
then after that we can flip on -Wunused-parameters going forward. Which
I think is worth doing, as it has found some bugs (fixed in earlier

  [01/10]: convert: drop unused crlf_action from check_global_conv_flags_eol()
  [02/10]: drop unused argc parameters
  [03/10]: env--helper: write to opt->value in parseopt helper
  [04/10]: assert PARSE_OPT_NONEG in parse-options callbacks
  [05/10]: push: drop unused repo argument to do_push()
  [06/10]: sequencer: drop repository argument from run_git_commit()
  [07/10]: sparse-checkout: fill in some options boilerplate
  [08/10]: test-advise: check argument count with argc instead of argv
  [09/10]: sequencer: handle ignore_footer when parsing trailers
  [10/10]: dir.c: drop unused "untracked" from treat_path_fast()

 builtin/add.c                                |  4 +--
 builtin/am.c                                 |  2 ++
 builtin/commit-graph.c                       |  2 ++
 builtin/commit.c                             | 12 +++----
 builtin/env--helper.c                        | 13 ++++---
 builtin/push.c                               |  4 +--
 builtin/sparse-checkout.c                    | 37 ++++++++++++++++++++
 commit.h                                     |  2 +-
 convert.c                                    |  4 +--
 dir.c                                        |  3 +-
 parse-options-cb.c                           |  2 ++
 revision.c                                   |  6 ++--
 sequencer.c                                  | 20 +++++++----
 t/helper/test-advise.c                       |  4 +--
 t/helper/test-submodule-nested-repo-config.c |  6 ++--
 15 files changed, 88 insertions(+), 33 deletions(-)