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[v3,1/8] remote.c: add braces in anticipation of a follow-up change

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Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason Oct. 26, 2018, 11:07 p.m. UTC
The CodingGuidelines say "When there are multiple arms to a
conditional and some of them require braces, enclose even a single
line block in braces for consistency.". Fix the code in
match_explicit() to conform.

While I'm at it change the if/else if/else in guess_ref() to use
braces. This is not currently needed, but a follow-up change will add
a new multi-line condition to that logic.

Signed-off-by: Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason <avarab@gmail.com>
 remote.c | 16 +++++++++-------
 1 file changed, 9 insertions(+), 7 deletions(-)
diff mbox series


diff --git a/remote.c b/remote.c
index 81f4f01b00..18cae48daa 100644
--- a/remote.c
+++ b/remote.c
@@ -968,12 +968,13 @@  static char *guess_ref(const char *name, struct ref *peer)
 	if (!r)
 		return NULL;
-	if (starts_with(r, "refs/heads/"))
+	if (starts_with(r, "refs/heads/")) {
 		strbuf_addstr(&buf, "refs/heads/");
-	else if (starts_with(r, "refs/tags/"))
+	} else if (starts_with(r, "refs/tags/")) {
 		strbuf_addstr(&buf, "refs/tags/");
-	else
+	} else {
 		return NULL;
+	}
 	strbuf_addstr(&buf, name);
 	return strbuf_detach(&buf, NULL);
@@ -1038,21 +1039,22 @@  static int match_explicit(struct ref *src, struct ref *dst,
 	case 1:
 	case 0:
-		if (starts_with(dst_value, "refs/"))
+		if (starts_with(dst_value, "refs/")) {
 			matched_dst = make_linked_ref(dst_value, dst_tail);
-		else if (is_null_oid(&matched_src->new_oid))
+		} else if (is_null_oid(&matched_src->new_oid)) {
 			error("unable to delete '%s': remote ref does not exist",
-		else if ((dst_guess = guess_ref(dst_value, matched_src))) {
+		} else if ((dst_guess = guess_ref(dst_value, matched_src))) {
 			matched_dst = make_linked_ref(dst_guess, dst_tail);
-		} else
+		} else {
 			error("unable to push to unqualified destination: %s\n"
 			      "The destination refspec neither matches an "
 			      "existing ref on the remote nor\n"
 			      "begins with refs/, and we are unable to "
 			      "guess a prefix based on the source ref.",
+		}
 		matched_dst = NULL;