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[v4,09/12] doc: asciidoctor: refactor macro registration

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Felipe Contreras June 8, 2021, 9 a.m. UTC
There is no need to execute extra code every time the process block is

In Ruby the lexical scope is shared, so we can define variables in the
register block scope, and all the rest will inherit those variables.

Based on the doctype and basebackend one of three blocks is selected for
the inline_macro. However, the conditionals will be run only once.

In the end Ruby will only run the code between `process do end`, nothing

Signed-off-by: Felipe Contreras <felipe.contreras@gmail.com>
 Documentation/asciidoctor-extensions.rb | 16 +++++++++++-----
 1 file changed, 11 insertions(+), 5 deletions(-)
diff mbox series


diff --git a/Documentation/asciidoctor-extensions.rb b/Documentation/asciidoctor-extensions.rb
index c77b6de350..a678704e17 100644
--- a/Documentation/asciidoctor-extensions.rb
+++ b/Documentation/asciidoctor-extensions.rb
@@ -2,15 +2,21 @@  require 'asciidoctor/extensions'
 Asciidoctor::Extensions.register do
+  doc = document
   inline_macro :linkgit do
-    process do |parent, target, attrs|
-      if parent.document.doctype == 'book'
+    if doc.doctype == 'book'
+      process do |parent, target, attrs|
         "<ulink url=\"#{target}.html\">" \
-      elsif parent.document.basebackend? 'html'
-        prefix = parent.document.attr('git-relative-html-prefix')
+      end
+    elsif doc.basebackend? 'html'
+      prefix = doc.attr('git-relative-html-prefix')
+      process do |parent, target, attrs|
         %(<a href="#{prefix}#{target}.html">#{target}(#{attrs[1]})</a>)
-      elsif parent.document.basebackend? 'docbook'
+      end
+    elsif doc.basebackend? 'docbook'
+      process do |parent, target, attrs|
         "<citerefentry>\n" \
           "<refentrytitle>#{target}</refentrytitle>" \
           "<manvolnum>#{attrs[1]}</manvolnum>\n" \