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[00/18] version-gen: complete revamp/rewrite

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Felipe Contreras April 14, 2023, 12:18 p.m. UTC
The version generation script needs some love, as the last true change was done in 2008.

This series step by step revamps the whole script ending in only a few lines of code:

    get_version () {
        test -f version && cat version && return
        git describe --match "v[0-9]*" --dirty 2>/dev/null | sed -e 's/-/+/' -e 's/^v//'

    NEW="GIT_VERSION = $(get_version)"

    test -r GIT-VERSION-FILE && test "$NEW" = "$(cat GIT-VERSION-FILE)" && exit
    echo "$NEW" | tee GIT-VERSION-FILE >&2

There should be no functional changes except for the last patch that changes
interim version from `2.40.0.$n.g${oid}` to `2.40.0+$n-g${oid}` as that causes
the proper sorting.

It's hard to see the actual changes to this script as 99% of the commits are
just to bump the default version (which I don't know why it even exists).

For reference, cleaning the history I came up with these actual changes in case
anyone is interested:

c48799e560 (Teach GIT-VERSION-GEN about the .git file, 2008-02-20)
1100ac81a9 (Change GIT-VERSION-GEN to call git commands with "git" not "git-"., 2006-05-22)
374dfaa2e3 (Make GIT-VERSION-GEN tolerate missing git describe command again, 2006-01-26)
5c7d3c9507 (Allow building of RPM from interim snapshot., 2006-01-16)
181129d24c (For release tarballs, include the proper version, 2006-01-09)
026351a035 (Make GIT-VERSION-GEN tolerate missing git describe command, 2005-12-30)
9b88fcef7d (Makefile: use git-describe to mark the git version., 2005-12-27)


Felipe Contreras (18):
  version-gen: reorganize
  version-gen: trivial cleanup
  version-gen: refactor default version
  version-gen: simplify v prefix removal
  version-gen: simplify update check
  version-gen: remove redundant check
  version-gen: simplify `git describe` checks
  version-gen: simplify dirty check
  version-gen: move describe fix into function
  version-gen: describe and sed in one go
  version-gen: refactor describe function
  version-gen: do v fix only when necessary
  version-gen: move v fix into sed
  version-gen: refactor main functionality
  version-gen: remove default version
  version-gen: refactor GIT_VERSION string
  version-gen: get rid of GVF variable
  version-gen: generate proper interim versions

 GIT-VERSION-GEN | 45 ++++++++-------------------------------------
 1 file changed, 8 insertions(+), 37 deletions(-)
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index 9a1111af9b..99584bf86d 100755
@@ -1,40 +1,11 @@ 
-# First see if there is a version file (included in release tarballs),
-# then try git-describe, then default.
-if test -f version
-	VN=$(cat version) || VN="$DEF_VER"
-elif test -d ${GIT_DIR:-.git} -o -f .git &&
-	VN=$(git describe --match "v[0-9]*" HEAD 2>/dev/null) &&
-	case "$VN" in
-	*$LF*) (exit 1) ;;
-	v[0-9]*)
-		git update-index -q --refresh
-		test -z "$(git diff-index --name-only HEAD --)" ||
-		VN="$VN-dirty" ;;
-	esac
-	VN=$(echo "$VN" | sed -e 's/-/./g');
-VN=$(expr "$VN" : v*'\(.*\)')
-if test -r $GVF
-	VC=$(sed -e 's/^GIT_VERSION = //' <$GVF)
-	VC=unset
-test "$VN" = "$VC" || {
-	echo >&2 "GIT_VERSION = $VN"
-	echo "GIT_VERSION = $VN" >$GVF
+get_version () {
+	test -f version && cat version && return
+	git describe --match "v[0-9]*" --dirty 2>/dev/null | sed -e 's/-/+/' -e 's/^v//'
+NEW="GIT_VERSION = $(get_version)"
+test -r GIT-VERSION-FILE && test "$NEW" = "$(cat GIT-VERSION-FILE)" && exit
+echo "$NEW" | tee GIT-VERSION-FILE >&2