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[gitweb] Problem with html base tag

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dabicho April 27, 2021, 8:50 p.m. UTC
For some reason browsers were not loading static resources (js, css,
favicon) until I appended a slash to the base ref in gitweb.cgi.

Not sure if it is a bug or something changed on my side after a system
upgrade, or some change in some dependency.

I attached the change.
diff mbox series


--- gw/gitweb.cgi	2021-04-27 16:06:23.054063915 -0500
+++ gitweb/gitweb.cgi	2021-04-27 15:59:02.060725146 -0500
@@ -4215,7 +4215,7 @@ 
 	# the stylesheet, favicon etc urls won't work correctly with path_info
 	# unless we set the appropriate base URL
 	if ($ENV{'PATH_INFO'}) {
-		print "<base href=\"".esc_url($base_url)."\" />\n";
+		print "<base href=\"".esc_url($base_url)."/\" />\n";