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[v2,2/2] soc: fsl: qe: Switch to use fwnode instead of of_node

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Andy Shevchenko Oct. 5, 2022, 3:29 p.m. UTC
The OF node in the GPIO library is deprecated and soon
will be removed.

GPIO library now accepts fwnode as a firmware node, so
switch the driver to use it.

Signed-off-by: Andy Shevchenko <andriy.shevchenko@linux.intel.com>
 drivers/soc/fsl/qe/gpio.c | 4 +++-
 1 file changed, 3 insertions(+), 1 deletion(-)
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diff --git a/drivers/soc/fsl/qe/gpio.c b/drivers/soc/fsl/qe/gpio.c
index 99f7de43c3c6..9abb45ab138b 100644
--- a/drivers/soc/fsl/qe/gpio.c
+++ b/drivers/soc/fsl/qe/gpio.c
@@ -19,6 +19,8 @@ 
 #include <linux/gpio.h>
 #include <linux/slab.h>
 #include <linux/export.h>
+#include <linux/property.h>
 #include <soc/fsl/qe/qe.h>
 struct qe_gpio_chip {
@@ -179,7 +181,7 @@  struct qe_pin *qe_pin_request(struct device_node *np, int index)
 		goto err0;
-	if (!of_device_is_compatible(gc->of_node, "fsl,mpc8323-qe-pario-bank")) {
+	if (!fwnode_device_is_compatible(gc->fwnode, "fsl,mpc8323-qe-pario-bank")) {
 		pr_debug("%s: tried to get a non-qe pin\n", __func__);
 		err = -EINVAL;
 		goto err0;