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[v5,00/44] Allwinner A31/A83T MIPI CSI-2 and A31 ISP / CSI Rework

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Paul Kocialkowski May 25, 2022, 7:05 p.m. UTC
This new version is an offspring from the big "Allwinner A31/A83T
MIPI CSI-2 Support and A31 ISP Support" series, which was split into
individual series for better clarity and handling.

This part only concerns the rework of the CSI driver to support the MIPI CSI-2
and ISP workflows.

Changes since v4:
- Removed the v4l2 controls handler from the driver;
- Removed the info message about video device registration;
- Fixed "literature" typos;
- Moved patches dependent on the ISP driver to its dedicated series;
- Rebased on the latest media tree;
- Added collected tags;

Changes since v3:
- Updated Kconfig to follow the latest media-wide changes;
- Rebased on latest changes to the driver (JPEG/sRGB colorspaces);
- Added helper to get a single enabled link for an entity's pad, to replace
  source selection at link_validate time and select the remote source at
  stream on time instead;
- Kept clock-managed regmap mmio;
- Added collected review tags;
- Various cosmetic cleanups;

Changes since all-in-one v2:
- Reworked capture video device registration, which stays in the main path.
- Reworked async subdev handling with a dedicated structure holding the
  corresponding source to avoid matching in the driver;
- Added mutex for mbus format serialization;
- Remove useless else in link_validate;
- Reworked commit logs to include missing information;
- Cleaned up Kconfig, added PM dependency;
- Moved platform-specific clock rate to of match data;
- Added collected Reviewed-by tags;
- Updated copyright years;
Paul Kocialkowski (44):
  media: sun6i-csi: Define and use driver name and (reworked)
  media: sun6i-csi: Refactor main driver data structures
  media: sun6i-csi: Tidy up platform code
  media: sun6i-csi: Always set exclusive module clock rate
  media: sun6i-csi: Define and use variant to get module clock rate
  media: sun6i-csi: Use runtime pm for clocks and reset
  media: sun6i-csi: Tidy up Kconfig
  media: sun6i-csi: Tidy up v4l2 code
  media: sun6i-csi: Tidy up video code
  media: sun6i-csi: Pass and store csi device directly in video code
  media: sun6i-csi: Register the media device after creation
  media: sun6i-csi: Remove controls handler from the driver
  media: sun6i-csi: Add media ops with link notify callback
  media: sun6i-csi: Introduce and use video helper functions
  media: sun6i-csi: Move csi buffer definition to main header file
  media: media-entity: Add helper to get a single enabled link
  media: sun6i-csi: Add bridge v4l2 subdev with port management
  media: sun6i-csi: Rename sun6i_video to sun6i_csi_capture
  media: sun6i-csi: Add capture state using vsync for page flip
  media: sun6i-csi: Rework register definitions, invert misleading
  media: sun6i-csi: Add dimensions and format helpers to capture
  media: sun6i-csi: Implement address configuration without indirection
  media: sun6i-csi: Split stream sequences and irq code in capture
  media: sun6i-csi: Move power management to runtime pm in capture
  media: sun6i-csi: Move register configuration to capture
  media: sun6i-csi: Rework capture format management with helper
  media: sun6i-csi: Remove custom format helper and rework configure
  media: sun6i-csi: Add bridge dimensions and format helpers
  media: sun6i-csi: Get mbus code from bridge instead of storing it
  media: sun6i-csi: Tidy capture configure code
  media: sun6i-csi: Introduce bridge format structure, list and helper
  media: sun6i-csi: Introduce capture format structure, list and helper
  media: sun6i-csi: Configure registers from format tables
  media: sun6i-csi: Introduce format match structure, list and helper
  media: sun6i-csi: Implement capture link validation with logic
  media: sun6i-csi: Get bridge subdev directly in capture stream ops
  media: sun6i-csi: Move hardware control to the bridge
  media: sun6i-csi: Rename the capture video device to sun6i-csi-capture
  media: sun6i-csi: Cleanup headers and includes, update copyright lines
  media: sun6i-csi: Add support for MIPI CSI-2 to the bridge code
  media: sun6i-csi: Only configure capture when streaming
  media: sun6i-csi: Add extra checks to the interrupt routine
  media: sun6i-csi: Request a shared interrupt
  MAINTAINERS: Add myself as sun6i-csi maintainer and rename/move entry

 MAINTAINERS                                   |   17 +-
 drivers/media/mc/mc-entity.c                  |   26 +
 .../media/platform/sunxi/sun6i-csi/Kconfig    |   12 +-
 .../media/platform/sunxi/sun6i-csi/Makefile   |    2 +-
 .../platform/sunxi/sun6i-csi/sun6i_csi.c      | 1027 ++++------------
 .../platform/sunxi/sun6i-csi/sun6i_csi.h      |  149 +--
 .../sunxi/sun6i-csi/sun6i_csi_bridge.c        |  845 +++++++++++++
 .../sunxi/sun6i-csi/sun6i_csi_bridge.h        |   69 ++
 .../sunxi/sun6i-csi/sun6i_csi_capture.c       | 1089 +++++++++++++++++
 .../sunxi/sun6i-csi/sun6i_csi_capture.h       |   88 ++
 .../platform/sunxi/sun6i-csi/sun6i_csi_reg.h  |  362 +++---
 .../platform/sunxi/sun6i-csi/sun6i_video.c    |  685 -----------
 .../platform/sunxi/sun6i-csi/sun6i_video.h    |   38 -
 include/media/media-entity.h                  |   13 +
 14 files changed, 2591 insertions(+), 1831 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644 drivers/media/platform/sunxi/sun6i-csi/sun6i_csi_bridge.c
 create mode 100644 drivers/media/platform/sunxi/sun6i-csi/sun6i_csi_bridge.h
 create mode 100644 drivers/media/platform/sunxi/sun6i-csi/sun6i_csi_capture.c
 create mode 100644 drivers/media/platform/sunxi/sun6i-csi/sun6i_csi_capture.h
 delete mode 100644 drivers/media/platform/sunxi/sun6i-csi/sun6i_video.c
 delete mode 100644 drivers/media/platform/sunxi/sun6i-csi/sun6i_video.h