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[01/14] fpga: region: don't use drvdata in common fpga code

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Alan Tull May 16, 2018, 11:49 p.m. UTC
Changes to fpga_region_register function to not set drvdata.

Setting drvdata is fine for DT based devices that will have one region
per platform device.  However PCIe based devices may have multiple
FPGA regions under one PCIe device.  Without these changes, the PCIe
solution has to create an extra device for each child region to hold

Signed-off-by: Alan Tull <atull@kernel.org>
Reported-by: Jiuyue Ma <majiuyue@huawei.com>
Signed-off-by: Moritz Fischer <mdf@kernel.org>
 drivers/fpga/fpga-region.c    | 1 -
 drivers/fpga/of-fpga-region.c | 1 +
 2 files changed, 1 insertion(+), 1 deletion(-)
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diff --git a/drivers/fpga/fpga-region.c b/drivers/fpga/fpga-region.c
index cb0603e..f634a8e 100644
--- a/drivers/fpga/fpga-region.c
+++ b/drivers/fpga/fpga-region.c
@@ -183,7 +183,6 @@  int fpga_region_register(struct device *dev, struct fpga_region *region)
 	region->dev.parent = dev;
 	region->dev.of_node = dev->of_node;
 	region->dev.id = id;
-	dev_set_drvdata(dev, region);
 	ret = dev_set_name(&region->dev, "region%d", id);
 	if (ret)
diff --git a/drivers/fpga/of-fpga-region.c b/drivers/fpga/of-fpga-region.c
index 119ff75..35e7e8c 100644
--- a/drivers/fpga/of-fpga-region.c
+++ b/drivers/fpga/of-fpga-region.c
@@ -438,6 +438,7 @@  static int of_fpga_region_probe(struct platform_device *pdev)
 		goto eprobe_mgr_put;
 	of_platform_populate(np, fpga_region_of_match, NULL, &region->dev);
+	dev_set_drvdata(dev, region);
 	dev_info(dev, "FPGA Region probed\n");