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[02/13] Use sys_ni.c instead of #ifdef to disable fork on CONFIG_NOMMU

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Palmer Dabbelt Nov. 3, 2015, 7:46 p.m. UTC
I think this change actually doesn't do anything: __NR_fork was still
being defined either way, and on my machine fork() in <unistd.h> comes
from libc.

This just moves to the standard mechanism for defining syscalls that
aren't implemented instead, which has the side-effect of no longer
having an #ifdef CONFIG_* in a user-visible header.

Signed-off-by: Palmer Dabbelt <palmer@dabbelt.com>
Reviewed-by: Andrew Waterman <waterman@eecs.berkeley.edu>
Reviewed-by: Albert Ou <aou@eecs.berkeley.edu>
 include/uapi/asm-generic/unistd.h | 4 ----
 kernel/sys_ni.c                   | 1 +
 2 files changed, 1 insertion(+), 4 deletions(-)
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diff --git a/include/uapi/asm-generic/unistd.h b/include/uapi/asm-generic/unistd.h
index ee12400..ffd2957 100644
--- a/include/uapi/asm-generic/unistd.h
+++ b/include/uapi/asm-generic/unistd.h
@@ -869,11 +869,7 @@  __SYSCALL(__NR_uselib, sys_uselib)
 __SYSCALL(__NR__sysctl, sys_sysctl)
 #define __NR_fork 1079
-#ifdef CONFIG_MMU
 __SYSCALL(__NR_fork, sys_fork)
-__SYSCALL(__NR_fork, sys_ni_syscall)
-#endif /* CONFIG_MMU */
 #undef __NR_syscalls
 #define __NR_syscalls (__NR_fork+1)
diff --git a/kernel/sys_ni.c b/kernel/sys_ni.c
index a02decf..c830f7f 100644
--- a/kernel/sys_ni.c
+++ b/kernel/sys_ni.c
@@ -174,6 +174,7 @@  cond_syscall(sys_setfsuid);
 /* arch-specific weak syscall entries */