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[GIT,PULL] i3c: Changes for 5.1

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git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/i3c/linux.git tags/i3c/for-5.1


Boris Brezillon March 1, 2019, 9:32 a.m. UTC
Hello Linus,

I know the merge window is not opened yet, but I'll be on vacation next
week, so I'm sending my I3C PR a bit earlier this time (already sent the
MTD one earlier this week, but for a different reason: I didn't check if
there was an -rc8 :)).



The following changes since commit bfeffd155283772bbe78c6a05dec7c0128ee500c:

  Linux 5.0-rc1 (2019-01-06 17:08:20 -0800)

are available in the Git repository at:

  git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/i3c/linux.git tags/i3c/for-5.1

for you to fetch changes up to 988bb4a1937bd083267444dda21b901dc6a959b3:

  i3c: master: dw-i3c-master: mark expected switch fall-through (2019-02-28 09:47:53 +0100)

- Add a /* fall-through */ comment in the dw-i3c-master driver
- Update the I3C entries in MAINTAINERS to add an IRC chan

Boris Brezillon (1):
      MAINTAINERS: Add an IRC channel for the I3C subsystem

Gustavo A. R. Silva (1):
      i3c: master: dw-i3c-master: mark expected switch fall-through

 MAINTAINERS                        | 1 +
 drivers/i3c/master/dw-i3c-master.c | 1 +
 2 files changed, 2 insertions(+)


pr-tracker-bot@kernel.org March 5, 2019, 3:40 a.m. UTC | #1
The pull request you sent on Fri, 1 Mar 2019 10:32:15 +0100:

> git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/i3c/linux.git tags/i3c/for-5.1

has been merged into torvalds/linux.git:

Thank you!