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[V4,0/6] iio: accel: bmi088: support BMI085 BMI090L

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LI Qingwu May 25, 2022, 1:08 p.m. UTC
Modified the units after application of scale from 100*m/s^2 to m/s^2,
since the units in the ABI documents are m/s^2.
Add supports for the BMI085 accelerometer.
Add supports for the BMI090L accelerometer.
Make it possible to config scales.

Change in v4: 
- Rebase to the latest version to fix the conflict issue.
- Modify the bm088 and bmi090 scale list,
  from {0, 897}, {0, 1795}, {0, 3590}, {0, 7179}
    to {0, 897}, {0, 1794}, {0, 3589}, {0, 7178}
  since old one are caculated as 1/sensitivity*9.8, the new one are
  caculated as 9.8/32768*pow(2,reg41+1)*1.5, the values should be same,
  but due to the decimal digits issue, there are 0.000001 differece,
  takethe new scales, since they are more accurate.

LI Qingwu (6):
  iio: accel: bmi088: Modified the scale calculate
  iio: accel: bmi088: Make it possible to config scales
  iio: accel: bmi088: modified the device name
  iio: accel: bmi088: Add support for bmi085 accel
  iio: accel: bmi088: Add support for bmi090l accel
  dt-bindings: iio: accel: Add bmi085 and bmi090l bindings

 .../bindings/iio/accel/bosch,bmi088.yaml      |  2 +
 drivers/iio/accel/bmi088-accel-core.c         | 96 +++++++++++++++----
 drivers/iio/accel/bmi088-accel-spi.c          | 17 +++-
 drivers/iio/accel/bmi088-accel.h              |  9 +-
 4 files changed, 100 insertions(+), 24 deletions(-)