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kbuild: fix a couple of typos in Documentation

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Kirill Smelkov Feb. 17, 2010, 8:45 a.m. UTC
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diff --git a/Documentation/kbuild/kbuild.txt b/Documentation/kbuild/kbuild.txt
index 6f8c1ca..84725b7 100644
--- a/Documentation/kbuild/kbuild.txt
+++ b/Documentation/kbuild/kbuild.txt
@@ -65,7 +65,7 @@  CROSS_COMPILE
 Specify an optional fixed part of the binutils filename.
 CROSS_COMPILE can be a part of the filename or the full path.
-CROSS_COMPILE is also used for ccache is some setups.
+CROSS_COMPILE is also used for ccache in some setups.
diff --git a/Documentation/kbuild/makefiles.txt b/Documentation/kbuild/makefiles.txt
index 71c602d..0135155 100644
--- a/Documentation/kbuild/makefiles.txt
+++ b/Documentation/kbuild/makefiles.txt
@@ -320,7 +320,7 @@  more details, with real examples.
     subdir-ccflags-y, subdir-asflags-y
 	The two flags listed above are similar to ccflags-y and as-falgs-y.
 	The difference is that the subdir- variants has effect for the kbuild
-	file where tey are present and all subdirectories.
+	file where they are present and all subdirectories.
 	Options specified using subdir-* are added to the commandline before
 	the options specified using the non-subdir variants.