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[v4,10/17] lkdtm: use function_nocfi

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Sami Tolvanen March 31, 2021, 9:27 p.m. UTC
To ensure we take the actual address of a function in kernel text,
use function_nocfi. Otherwise, with CONFIG_CFI_CLANG, the compiler
replaces the address with a pointer to the CFI jump table, which is
actually in the module when compiled with CONFIG_LKDTM=m.

Signed-off-by: Sami Tolvanen <samitolvanen@google.com>
Acked-by: Kees Cook <keescook@chromium.org>
 drivers/misc/lkdtm/usercopy.c | 2 +-
 1 file changed, 1 insertion(+), 1 deletion(-)
diff mbox series


diff --git a/drivers/misc/lkdtm/usercopy.c b/drivers/misc/lkdtm/usercopy.c
index 109e8d4302c1..15d220ef35a5 100644
--- a/drivers/misc/lkdtm/usercopy.c
+++ b/drivers/misc/lkdtm/usercopy.c
@@ -314,7 +314,7 @@  void lkdtm_USERCOPY_KERNEL(void)
 	pr_info("attempting bad copy_to_user from kernel text: %px\n",
-	if (copy_to_user((void __user *)user_addr, vm_mmap,
+	if (copy_to_user((void __user *)user_addr, function_nocfi(vm_mmap),
 			 unconst + PAGE_SIZE)) {
 		pr_warn("copy_to_user failed, but lacked Oops\n");
 		goto free_user;