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[v2,0/5] Clean up huge vmap and ioremap code

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Will Deacon Oct. 2, 2018, 11:05 a.m. UTC
Hi all,

This is version two of the patches I previously posted here:


Changes since v1 include:

  * Fixed increment of the physical address around the mapping loops
  * Added Reviewed-by tags from Toshi

All feedback welcome,



Will Deacon (5):
  ioremap: Rework pXd_free_pYd_page() API
  arm64: mmu: Drop pXd_present() checks from pXd_free_pYd_table()
  x86: pgtable: Drop pXd_none() checks from pXd_free_pYd_table()
  lib/ioremap: Ensure phys_addr actually corresponds to a physical
  lib/ioremap: Ensure break-before-make is used for huge p4d mappings

 arch/arm64/mm/mmu.c           |  13 +++---
 arch/x86/mm/pgtable.c         |  14 +++---
 include/asm-generic/pgtable.h |   5 ++
 lib/ioremap.c                 | 103 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++-------------
 4 files changed, 91 insertions(+), 44 deletions(-)