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[v1,3/6] xprtrdma: Clarify use of barrier in frwr_wc_localinv_done()

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Chuck Lever III April 5, 2021, 4:35 p.m. UTC
Clean up: The comment and the placement of the memory barrier is
confusing. Humans want to read the function statements from head
to tail.

Signed-off-by: Chuck Lever <chuck.lever@oracle.com>
 net/sunrpc/xprtrdma/frwr_ops.c |    8 +++++---
 1 file changed, 5 insertions(+), 3 deletions(-)
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diff --git a/net/sunrpc/xprtrdma/frwr_ops.c b/net/sunrpc/xprtrdma/frwr_ops.c
index bfc057fdb75f..af85cec0ce31 100644
--- a/net/sunrpc/xprtrdma/frwr_ops.c
+++ b/net/sunrpc/xprtrdma/frwr_ops.c
@@ -592,14 +592,16 @@  static void frwr_wc_localinv_done(struct ib_cq *cq, struct ib_wc *wc)
 	struct rpcrdma_frwr *frwr =
 		container_of(cqe, struct rpcrdma_frwr, fr_cqe);
 	struct rpcrdma_mr *mr = container_of(frwr, struct rpcrdma_mr, frwr);
-	struct rpcrdma_rep *rep = mr->mr_req->rl_reply;
+	struct rpcrdma_rep *rep;
 	/* WARNING: Only wr_cqe and status are reliable at this point */
 	trace_xprtrdma_wc_li_done(wc, &frwr->fr_cid);
-	frwr_mr_done(wc, mr);
-	/* Ensure @rep is generated before frwr_mr_done */
+	/* Ensure that @rep is generated before the MR is released */
+	rep = mr->mr_req->rl_reply;
+	frwr_mr_done(wc, mr);
 	rpcrdma_flush_disconnect(cq->cq_context, wc);