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[RFC,v25,7/7] NFSD: Show state of courtesy client in client info

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Series NFSD: Initial implementation of NFSv4 Courteous Server | expand

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Dai Ngo May 2, 2022, 9:19 p.m. UTC
Update client_info_show to show state of courtesy client
and seconds since last renew.

Reviewed-by: J. Bruce Fields <bfields@fieldses.org>
Signed-off-by: Dai Ngo <dai.ngo@oracle.com>
 fs/nfsd/nfs4state.c | 9 ++++++++-
 1 file changed, 8 insertions(+), 1 deletion(-)
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diff --git a/fs/nfsd/nfs4state.c b/fs/nfsd/nfs4state.c
index 2bcdc6e4ad91..231e5c19cdb7 100644
--- a/fs/nfsd/nfs4state.c
+++ b/fs/nfsd/nfs4state.c
@@ -2481,10 +2481,17 @@  static int client_info_show(struct seq_file *m, void *v)
 	memcpy(&clid, &clp->cl_clientid, sizeof(clid));
 	seq_printf(m, "clientid: 0x%llx\n", clid);
 	seq_printf(m, "address: \"%pISpc\"\n", (struct sockaddr *)&clp->cl_addr);
-	if (test_bit(NFSD4_CLIENT_CONFIRMED, &clp->cl_flags))
+	if (clp->cl_state == NFSD4_COURTESY)
+		seq_puts(m, "status: courtesy\n");
+	else if (clp->cl_state == NFSD4_EXPIRABLE)
+		seq_puts(m, "status: expirable\n");
+	else if (test_bit(NFSD4_CLIENT_CONFIRMED, &clp->cl_flags))
 		seq_puts(m, "status: confirmed\n");
 		seq_puts(m, "status: unconfirmed\n");
+	seq_printf(m, "seconds from last renew: %lld\n",
+		ktime_get_boottime_seconds() - clp->cl_time);
 	seq_printf(m, "name: ");
 	seq_quote_mem(m, clp->cl_name.data, clp->cl_name.len);
 	seq_printf(m, "\nminor version: %d\n", clp->cl_minorversion);