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[GIT,PULL] Please pull NFSoRDMA Client Updates for 5.11

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git://git.linux-nfs.org/projects/anna/linux-nfs.git tags/nfs-rdma-for-5.11-1


Anna Schumaker Dec. 10, 2020, 9:44 p.m. UTC
Hi Trond,

The following changes since commit f8394f232b1eab649ce2df5c5f15b0e528c92091:

  Linux 5.10-rc3 (2020-11-08 16:10:16 -0800)

are available in the Git repository at:

  git://git.linux-nfs.org/projects/anna/linux-nfs.git tags/nfs-rdma-for-5.11-1

for you to fetch changes up to 7a03aeb66c410366acc5439ae2a341f110c4f845:

  xprtrdma: Micro-optimize MR DMA-unmapping (2020-11-11 10:57:39 -0500)

Cleanups and improvements:
  - Remove use of raw kernel memory addresses in tracepoints
  - Replace dprintk() call sites in ERR_CHUNK path
  - Trace unmap sync calls
  - Optimize MR DMA-unmapping

Chuck Lever (13):
      xprtrdma: Replace dprintk call sites in ERR_CHUNK path
      xprtrdma: Introduce Receive completion IDs
      xprtrdma: Introduce Send completion IDs
      xprtrdma: Introduce FRWR completion IDs
      xprtrdma: Clean up trace_xprtrdma_post_linv
      xprtrdma: Clean up reply parsing error tracepoints
      xprtrdma: Clean up tracepoints in the reply path
      xprtrdma: Clean up xprtrdma callback tracepoints
      xprtrdma: Clean up trace_xprtrdma_nomrs()
      xprtrdma: Display the task ID when reporting MR events
      xprtrdma: Trace unmap_sync calls
      xprtrdma: Move rpcrdma_mr_put()
      xprtrdma: Micro-optimize MR DMA-unmapping

 include/trace/events/rpcrdma.h    | 460
 net/sunrpc/xprtrdma/backchannel.c |   6 +-
 net/sunrpc/xprtrdma/frwr_ops.c    |  81 ++++++++++-----
 net/sunrpc/xprtrdma/rpc_rdma.c    |  32 ++----
 net/sunrpc/xprtrdma/transport.c   |   7 +-
 net/sunrpc/xprtrdma/verbs.c       |  30 ++----
 net/sunrpc/xprtrdma/xprt_rdma.h   |   9 +-
 7 files changed, 307 insertions(+), 318 deletions(-)