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[0/6] thermal: improve handling of disabled thermal zone

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Zhang Rui April 30, 2020, 6:32 a.m. UTC
Andrzej Pietrasiewicz has proposed two patches at
to improve the thermal zone mode support.

But there are still some issues left, and this patch set is made based on
these two patches, to improve the handling of disabled thermal zone.

Patch 1/6 to Patch 4/6 clean up the code and fix
thermal_zone_device_update() to do nothing but cancelling the polling
timer, for a disabled thermal zone.

Patch 6/6 is a prototype patch. Patch 1-5 in this patch series make it
possible to fix a known iwlwifi thermal issue, by registering the iwlwifi
thermal zone device as disabled, and enable it after firmware ready.
I'd like to get feedback from the iwlwifi experts to get it fixed.