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[LOCAL] arm64: renesas: defconfig: Refresh for v5.13-rc1

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Commit c04177a6a98d488b2af46048727b1c3e0dfe0b79
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Geert Uytterhoeven May 12, 2021, 7:59 a.m. UTC
Refresh the defconfig for Renesas R-Car Gen3 and RZ/G2 systems:
  - Disable CONFIG_ARM64_EPAN (R-Car Gen3 is not ARMv8.7).

Signed-off-by: Geert Uytterhoeven <geert+renesas@glider.be>
To be applied to topic/renesas-defconfig.
Not intended for upstream merge.

 arch/arm64/configs/renesas_defconfig | 1 +
 1 file changed, 1 insertion(+)
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diff --git a/arch/arm64/configs/renesas_defconfig b/arch/arm64/configs/renesas_defconfig
index e440845c96bd90b7..27b55fcc3bbca4dc 100644
--- a/arch/arm64/configs/renesas_defconfig
+++ b/arch/arm64/configs/renesas_defconfig
@@ -54,6 +54,7 @@  CONFIG_COMPAT=y
 # CONFIG_ARM64_E0PD is not set
 # CONFIG_ARCH_RANDOM is not set
 # CONFIG_ARM64_MTE is not set
+# CONFIG_ARM64_EPAN is not set