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[v7,0/3] Add documentation and machine driver for SC7180 sound card

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Cheng-yi Chiang Sept. 7, 2020, 10 a.m. UTC
- The machine driver patch is made by the collaboration of
  Cheng-Yi Chiang <cychiang@chromium.org>
  Rohit kumar <rohitkr@codeaurora.org>
  Ajit Pandey <ajitp@codeaurora.org>
  But Ajit has left codeaurora.
- This patch series needs HDMI DAI name defined in sc7180-lpass.h.

Changes from v1 to v2:
- Ducumentation: Addressed all suggestions from Doug.
- Machine driver:
  - Fix comment style for license.
  - Sort includes.
  - Remove sc7180_snd_hw_params.
  - Remove sc7180_dai_init and use aux device instead for headset jack registration.
  - Statically define format for Primary MI2S.
  - Atomic is not a concern because there is mutex in card to make sure
    startup and shutdown happen sequentially.
  - Fix missing return -EINVAL in startup.
  - Use static sound card.
  - Use devm_kzalloc to avoid kfree.

Changes from v2 to v3:
- Ducumentation: Addressed suggestions from Srini.
- Machine driver:
  - Reuse qcom_snd_parse_of to parse properties.
  - Remove playback-only and capture-only.
  - Misc fixes to address comments.

Changes from v3 to v4:
- Ducumentation: Addressed suggestions from Rob.
 - Remove definition of dai.
 - Use 'sound-dai: true' for sound-dai schema.
 - Add reg property to pass 'make dt_binding_check' check although reg is not used in the driver.
- Machine driver:
 - Add Reviewed-by: Tzung-Bi Shih <tzungbi@google.com>

Changes from v4 to v5:
- Documentation: Addressed suggestions from Rob.
 - Add definition for "#address-cells" and "#size-cells".
 - Add additionalProperties: false
 - Add required properties.

Changes from v5 to v6:
- Documentation: Addressed suggestions from Rob.
 - Drop contains in compatible strings.
 - Only allow dai-link@[0-9]
 - Remove reg ref since it has a type definition already.

Changes from v6 to v7
- Documentation:
  - Add headset-jack and hdmi-jack to specify the codec
    responsible for jack detection.
- HDMI codec driver:
  - Use component set_jack ops instead of exporting hdmi_codec_set_jack_detect.
- Machine driver:
  - Removed aux device following Stephan's suggestion.
  - Use headset-jack and hdmi-jack to specify the codec
    responsible for jack detection.
  - Add support for HDMI(actually DP) playback.

Ajit Pandey (1):
  ASoC: qcom: sc7180: Add machine driver for sound card registration

Cheng-Yi Chiang (2):
  ASoC: hdmi-codec: Use set_jack ops to set jack
  ASoC: qcom: dt-bindings: Add sc7180 machine bindings

 .../bindings/sound/qcom,sc7180.yaml           | 143 +++++++++
 include/sound/hdmi-codec.h                    |   3 -
 sound/soc/codecs/hdmi-codec.c                 |  12 +-
 sound/soc/mediatek/mt8173/mt8173-rt5650.c     |   5 +-
 .../mediatek/mt8183/mt8183-da7219-max98357.c  |   5 +-
 .../mt8183/mt8183-mt6358-ts3a227-max98357.c   |   5 +-
 sound/soc/qcom/Kconfig                        |  12 +
 sound/soc/qcom/Makefile                       |   2 +
 sound/soc/qcom/sc7180.c                       | 288 ++++++++++++++++++
 sound/soc/rockchip/rockchip_max98090.c        |   3 +-
 10 files changed, 456 insertions(+), 22 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644 Documentation/devicetree/bindings/sound/qcom,sc7180.yaml
 create mode 100644 sound/soc/qcom/sc7180.c