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[3/3] Documentation: usb: Add docs for configfs control requests

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Jerry Zhang April 17, 2018, 1:17 a.m. UTC
Signed-off-by: Jerry Zhang <zhangjerry@google.com>
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@@ -285,6 +285,38 @@  e.g.:
 $ rmdir g1
+8. Handling control requests
+A composite gadget with changing configurations may still want to handle
+vendor control requests in a centralized location. In particular, functionfs
+instances can pass control requests to user-space, but there is no
+guarantee that a functionfs is in the current config.
+To handle this there is a special config in the root of the gadget
+called control_config. Functions linked here do not appear in the
+configuration, but will receive control requests. To use it:
+Create a special instance of functionfs.
+$ mkdir functions/ffs.ctrl
+Mount the functionfs instance and write descriptors.
+mount functionfs ctrl /dev/ffs-ctrl
+# Write dummy functionfs descriptors to /dev/ffs-ctrl/ep0
+# Descriptors should include flag FUNCTIONFS_ALL_CTRL_RECIP
+Link the function into control config.
+$ ln -s functions/ffs.ctrl control_config/f1
+Link normal functions into the appropriate config, and enable the gadget.
+$ echo <udc name> > UDC
+Handle control requests in /dev/ffs-ctrl/ep0. See functionfs documentation on how to do this.