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[Ocfs2-tools,Ocfs2-tools-devel,1/1] o2hb doesn't not exit when fsck uncleanly device

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Shichangkuo April 5, 2016, 8:36 a.m. UTC
Hi Srinivas,
    When I run fsck to recover an unclean device, I find that the o2hb thread doesn't exit.  The version is 1.8.4, and I also find the same issue on other versions.
    After reviewing codes, re-open device will make ost->ost_fs->fs_dlm_ctxt change to NULL after replayed journals. At the end of code, it will determines whether to exit dlm and o2hb by this pointer.
    Recording the pointer will solve the issue.

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diff mbox


diff -up a/ocfs2-tools/libocfs2/openfs.c b/ocfs2-tools/libocfs2/openfs.c
--- a/ocfs2-tools/libocfs2/openfs.c
+++ b/ocfs2-tools/libocfs2/openfs.c
@@ -464,6 +464,8 @@ 
                  ptr += 2;
+       if (*ret_fs && (*ret_fs)->fs_dlm_ctxt)
+                fs->fs_dlm_ctxt = (*ret_fs)->fs_dlm_ctxt;
        *ret_fs = fs;
        return 0;

BTW: why should we open the device twice in this scene?