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[v2,00/12] Wave goodbye to RHEL 7 vintage distros

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Daniel P. Berrangé May 14, 2021, 12:04 p.m. UTC
The main motivation for this series is to eliminate some backcompat
logic in the crypto code only needed for RHEL-7. I take the opportunity
to also bump the min required versions of glib, gcc and clang since we
have dropped many distros since they were last bumped.

There are possibly some more cleanups that can be done as a side effect
of these new min versions, but I leave that for other interested people
to look at.

One that might be intesting is switching from std=gnu99 to gnu11 since
we're no longer constrainted by the 4.8.x vintage GCC which marked gnu11
as experimental (see 7be41675f7cb16be7c8d2554add7a63fa43781a8)

Changed in v2:

 - Changed all the min versions again

    - I had previously forgotten that Debian Stretch was already dropped
    - I didn't distinguish between the primary clang package and the
      alt versions provided by Ubuntu?Debian

  Most versions are newer than the previous posting, but clang one is
  slightly older.

Daniel P. Berrangé (12):
  gitlab: drop linux user build job for CentOS 7
  patchew: move quick build job from CentOS 7 to CentOS 8 container
  crypto: bump min nettle to 3.4, dropping RHEL-7 support
  crypto: drop back compatibility typedefs for nettle
  crypto: bump min gcrypt to 1.8.0, dropping RHEL-7 support
  crypto: bump min gnutls to 3.5.18, dropping RHEL-7 support
  crypto: drop used conditional check
  tests/vm: convert centos VM recipe to CentOS 8
  tests/docker: drop CentOS 7 container
  configure: bump min required glib version to 2.56
  configure: bump min required GCC to 7.5.0
  configure: bump min required CLang to 6.0 / XCode 10.0

 .gitlab-ci.d/containers.yml             |   5 -
 .gitlab-ci.yml                          |  44 -----
 .patchew.yml                            |   6 +-
 configure                               |  40 ++---
 crypto/cipher-nettle.c.inc              |  91 +++--------
 crypto/hash-nettle.c                    |  10 +-
 crypto/hmac-nettle.c                    |  12 +-
 crypto/meson.build                      |   6 +-
 crypto/tlscredsx509.c                   |   2 -
 include/glib-compat.h                   |  13 +-
 tests/docker/dockerfiles/centos7.docker |  43 -----
 tests/vm/centos                         |  17 +-
 util/oslib-win32.c                      | 204 ------------------------
 13 files changed, 55 insertions(+), 438 deletions(-)
 delete mode 100644 tests/docker/dockerfiles/centos7.docker