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[RFC,15/15] meson.build: build a Xen aware qemu-aarch64-system

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Alex Bennée Nov. 5, 2020, 5:51 p.m. UTC
The i386-softmmu is a bit of an oddity for running ARM Xen guests so
lets allow us to build an aarch64 binary with a reasonable name as

Signed-off-by: Alex Bennée <alex.bennee@linaro.org>
 meson.build | 11 ++++++-----
 1 file changed, 6 insertions(+), 5 deletions(-)
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diff --git a/meson.build b/meson.build
index 79b74fbda7..5280cd9e8f 100644
--- a/meson.build
+++ b/meson.build
@@ -74,15 +74,16 @@  else
 accelerator_targets = { 'CONFIG_KVM': kvm_targets }
-if cpu in ['x86', 'x86_64', 'arm', 'aarch64']
-  # i368 emulator provides xenpv machine type for multiple architectures
+if cpu in ['arm', 'aarch64']
+  # i386 emulator used to provide xenpv machine type for all
+  # supported architectures
   accelerator_targets += {
-    'CONFIG_XEN': ['i386-softmmu', 'x86_64-softmmu'],
+    'CONFIG_XEN': ['i386-softmmu', 'x86_64-softmmu', 'arm-softmmu', 'aarch64-softmmu'],
-if cpu in ['x86', 'x86_64']
+elif cpu in ['x86', 'x86_64']
   accelerator_targets += {
     'CONFIG_HAX': ['i386-softmmu', 'x86_64-softmmu'],
+    'CONFIG_XEN': ['i386-softmmu', 'x86_64-softmmu'],
     'CONFIG_XEN_HVM': ['i386-softmmu', 'x86_64-softmmu'],
     'CONFIG_HVF': ['x86_64-softmmu'],
     'CONFIG_WHPX': ['i386-softmmu', 'x86_64-softmmu'],