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[PULL,01/46] hw/ppc/mac_newworld: Restrict RAM to 2 GiB

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David Gibson May 4, 2021, 5:52 a.m. UTC
From: Philippe Mathieu-Daudé <f4bug@amsat.org>

On Mac99 and newer machines, the Uninorth PCI host bridge maps
the PCI hole region at 2GiB, so the RAM area beside 2GiB is not
accessible by the CPU. Restrict the memory to 2GiB to avoid
problems such the one reported in the buglink.

Buglink: https://bugs.launchpad.net/qemu/+bug/1922391
Reported-by: Håvard Eidnes <he@NetBSD.org>
Signed-off-by: Philippe Mathieu-Daudé <f4bug@amsat.org>
Message-Id: <20210406084842.2859664-1-f4bug@amsat.org>
Reviewed-by: BALATON Zoltan <balaton@eik.bme.hu>
Signed-off-by: David Gibson <david@gibson.dropbear.id.au>
 hw/ppc/mac_newworld.c | 4 ++++
 1 file changed, 4 insertions(+)
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diff --git a/hw/ppc/mac_newworld.c b/hw/ppc/mac_newworld.c
index 2175962846..d88b38e925 100644
--- a/hw/ppc/mac_newworld.c
+++ b/hw/ppc/mac_newworld.c
@@ -157,6 +157,10 @@  static void ppc_core99_init(MachineState *machine)
     /* allocate RAM */
+    if (machine->ram_size > 2 * GiB) {
+        error_report("RAM size more than 2 GiB is not supported");
+        exit(1);
+    }
     memory_region_add_subregion(get_system_memory(), 0, machine->ram);
     /* allocate and load firmware ROM */