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Darrick J. Wong April 23, 2020, 11:31 p.m. UTC
Hi all,

Here are some new tests for features that have landed recently in the
kernel and/or xfsprogs.  First, we have a regression test to make sure
that -o sync mounts flush reflink transactions to disk before returning
to userspace.  Second, we have a test for livelocks between fsmap and
fsfreeze.  Third, we make sure that quota grace periods actually survive
quotacheck.  Finally, we test that sunit updates don't break xfsprogs or
the kernel.

If you're going to start using this mess, you probably ought to just
pull from my git trees, which are linked below.

This is an extraordinary way to destroy everything.  Enjoy!
Comments and questions are, as always, welcome.


fstests git tree: