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[00/45,v3] xfs: consolidated log and optimisation changes

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Dave Chinner March 5, 2021, 5:10 a.m. UTC
Hi folks,

This is a consolidated patchset of all the outstanding patches I've
sent out recently. Previous versions and sub-series descriptions
can be found here:


The changes are largely just a rebase onto a current TOT kernel, bug
fixes and modifications from review comments. These are itemised in
the change log below. It runs though the fstests auto group fine on
e multiple machines here and performance test numbers are largely
unchanged from previous versions.

I've added a couple of new patches to the end of the series, the
most notable being an update to the delayed logging design document
to include descriptions of transaction types, log space accounting
and how we use relogging to ensure rolling transactions do not
deadlock on log space.



Version 3:
- rebase onto 5.12-rc1+
- aggregate many small dependent patchsets in one large one.
- simplify xlog_wait_on_iclog_lsn() back to just a call to xlog_wait_on_iclog()
- remove xfs_blkdev_issue_flush() instead of moving and renaming it.
- pass bio to xfs_flush_bdev_async() so it doesn't need allocation.
- skip cache flush in xfs_flush_bdev_async() if the underlying queue does not
  require it.
- fixed whitespace in xfs_flush_bdev_async()
- remove the implicit external log's data device cache flush code and replace it
  with an explicit flush in the unmount record write so that it works the same
  as the new CIL checkpoint cache pre-flush mechanism. This mechanism now
  guarantees metadata vs journal ordering for both internal and external logs.
- updated various commit messages
- fixed incorrect/unintended changes to xfs_log_force() behaviour
- typedef uint64_t xfs_csn_t; and conversion.
- removed stray trace_printk()s that were used for debugging.
- fixed minor formatting details.
- uninlined xlog_prepare_iovec()
- fixed up "lv chain vector and size calculation" commit message to reflect we
  are only calculating and passin gin the vector byte count.
- reworked the loop in xlog_write_single() based on Christoph's suggestion. Much
- added patch to pass log ticket down to xlog_sync() so that it accounts the
  roundoff to the log ticket rather than directly modifying grant heads. Grant
  heads are hot, so every little bit helps.
- added patch to update delayed logging design doc with background material on
  how transactions and log space accounting works in XFS.

Version 2:
- fix ticket reservation roundoff to include 2 roundoffs
- removed stale copied comment from roundoff initialisation.
- clarified "separation" to mean "separation for ordering purposes" in commit
- added comment that newly activated, clean, empty iclogs have a LSN of 0 so are
  captured by the "iclog lsn < start_lsn" case that avoids needing to wait
  before releasing the commit iclog to be written.
- added async cache flush infrastructure
- convert CIL checkpoint push work it issue an unconditional metadata device
  cache flush rather than asking the first iclog write to issue it via
- cleaned up xlog_write() to remove a redundant parameter and prepare the logic
  for setting flags on the iclog based on the type of operational data is being
  written to the log.
- added XLOG_ICL_NEED_FUA flag to complement the NEED_FLUSH flag, allowing
  callers to issue explicit flushes and clear the NEED_FLUSH flag before the
  iclog is written without dropping the REQ_FUA requirement in /dev/null...
- added CIL commit-in-start-iclog optimisation that clears the NEED_FLUSH flag
  to avoid an unnecessary cache flush when issuing the iclog.
- fixed typo in CIL throttle bugfix comment.
- fixed trailing whitespace in commit message.